Friday, February 5, 2016

where my girls at???

this week has been brought to you by catholic schools week. which meant every day included something additionally fun for the students. spirit week if you will. one day was pick a famous person/someone you admire to dress up as AND talk about what you like most in front of your class. dressing up was optional (of course they did that) and can you guess who my 6 and 8 year old dressed up as...mommy and daddy. their ideas, not ours and they decided what to wear too. sofia said she was just missing a wawa cup from daddy's hand while wearing a soccer jersey.

love it. love them.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

one of us now...

so remember my post about holding on...well we moved the high chair and in place little man is at the table with us in a booster seat. of course that called for milestone pictures...

he looks so little to me sitting at the table with us but he loves it. grabs for whomever is nearest him and whatever he can get his little hands on...forks, spoons, napkins, FOOD!

and not to worry, I give him the toothpick to have fun picking up certain foods and supervise him like a hawk - and it really works! (most of the time anyway)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fiore in Garrano

Each summer while in Garrano, the kids do a little outdoor project with Nonna Maria. Gather some flowers, fill a plastic cup half full of water, place a stem in each and a couple drops of food coloring in each cup. Viola! Easy and they love seeing them the next morning when the food coloring has changed the water and flower petals into vibrant colors!

The cugini and neighbor's daughter hang outside a lot while in Garrano together. Can't beat the fresh air in the moutains!

My little man was all about being outside and running around with the big kids. I love that face so much!

The next day and the pretty white flowers have now become colorful!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dining in Mesagne, not your average Giuseppe's

Dining in Mesagne's centro storico is my favorite place to dine. Aside from our house and my mom's amazing home-cooking that is. But if I'm going to go out to eat while in Italy, I'm going to go right into the old part of town and eat at one of the many wonderful restaurants, mostly owned by individuals or families from Mesagne. People really wanting to invest in the town and make it more spectacular with every plate of orecchiette or margarita pizza.

A short walk from our house, which makes it very convenient if I would like to enjoy some prosecco, a birra or vino bianco with our meal. Also, the spots are so adorable, the mood so inviting, and the food so fresh and delicious that I couldn't imagine going outside the town on a regular basis for my dinners.

A favorite pizza spot is "Lu Sitili" and my mom has known the family for awhile now. The father has passed and now it's run by the son and a handful of family and friends. A great group of people that work hard and put out some amazing dishes.

The decor is so perfect and right up my photographer's-eye alley. Old dishes, baskets and dried peppers hang everywhere. Old pizza paddles and beautiful artwork line the walls. And my favorite piece is the now-owner's father's bike. It's old, rusty, no more air in the tires and just beautiful. The perfect piece of art to adorn this family owned restaurant.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

little boy on a shelf

My little man has been under the weather and unfortunately not enjoying all this snow like he should be. He was in yesterday running from window to window with me to watch his sisters have fun in the snow.

I couldn't help stepping back to take some pictures of my little guy looking out...

That profile though...I love it so much.

I adore this picture and knew instantly when I took it that I was going to fall in love with this angle of my little boy.

And the beauties we were watching...they love the snow so much! It's a good thing too since it's probably going to be around for a good bit considering how much we got at once.

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