Sunday, June 15, 2014

sweet baby mario luca

So, we're rolling all over the places, squealing, laughing, goo-goo-ga-ga-ing, and just such a little joy. Tomorrow he takes his first flight (not including last year when we went and I was pregnant) to Italy. Hoping for a smooth flight with him and the girls and can't wait to introduce him to all our family and friends!

Look out Italy, here we come!!!

my ladies and i...ready for another great summer abroad!

my prima ballerina

We celebrated Sofia's ballet recital last weekend and she had so much fun. One evening consisted of the rehearsal where I was able to take some pictures during their rehearsal and even videotape it. Here's my big girl watching the other classes rehearse:

On the ride to rehearsal she told me she had butterflies in her tummy. So cute. I think this picture you can definitely tell she was a little nervous.

But the day of the recital came and she said she wasn't as nervous anymore. Just like that! Here she is at the house just before leaving with Leandro who's in town for work. He wasn't able to make it to the recital but we made sure to get a picture of him and our little ballerina before he headed off to the airport.

Seconds before going backstage with the other ballerinas. She looked so beautiful!

Flowers! And great sister hugs! Olivia is her biggest fan and was so good for the two and a half hour show.

Nonna Lisa made it up for the recital with a family friend too!

La famiglia!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there but especially to mine. A hard-working family man who loves us very much. The girls keep pointing out all the houses for sale in the neighborhood "For Nonna Isa and Nonno Nicky to buy!" Love you so much and all you do for our family.

And a very Happy Father's day to Anthony, greatest husband and father to our 3 little monkeys. They are so blessed to have a wonderful, funny and devoted father! Love you Ant!

Friday, June 13, 2014

a little bit of this and that

We have had a lot going on lately, lots of fun stuff and in addition to everything, we're gearing up for our annual trip to the motherland. This is my mess that in the next two days I will fit into 1 suitcase and 3 carry-ons. Wish me luck.

Olivia went to a tea party birthday party and they made these adorable ladies' hat as a fun activity and favor.

Mario joined the girls in our nook via the highchair which he loves. He's not really eating food yet regularly but he loves sitting in there when we're all eating. Seems kind of cruel to eat in front of him, but we keep him occupied with toys. And he's always amused when the girls are in there with him.

Someone loves to be carried around on walks with daddy and the girls.

Waiting to pick up Sofia from school and these two sometimes share a nap. So sweet.

Almost 6 months old!

I think he's getting too big for his cradle, which is yes still in our room. He said he likes it in there with us! Still I think we may have to transition to the crib soon after we return from Italy. I'm going to be one sad mama!

Love my little man so much! 

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