Friday, January 20, 2017

seek the light

San Cosimo, Puglia, Italia

Whenever we visit San Cosimo, I enjoy walking over to this little alcove of the sanctuary. There are rarely people milling about this space and I guess looking at it, why would there be? There's no paintings on the old stone walls, no statues to pay respect to and only one very small and not so comfortable bench. The planter doesn't even have a plant in it most of the time I've visited. Nothing to draw guests to this space of the grounds.

Except me. Personally I like that no one is rarely in my viewfinder when I visit yearly and snap the same picture I did on my previous trip. I like being able to catch the sun's rays bounce off the columns and produce the most magnificent hue on the stone walls. It's quiet in this space as compared to the rest of San Cosimo that's bustling with visitors on the weekends. For a few minutes I stand in this space and just take in the calm, the quiet, the peace of what the sanctuary means to me. Not the crowds trying to get into the church to pay their respects to Saints Cosimo and Damiano, or those trying to find a place to sit on the quasi-stadium seating stone pews at the outdoor church or the open air market nearby that I've always found odd. No, this nearly always secluded narrow alcove where the light beckons me is my spot.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

a photo becomes her

I quite honestly have thousands upon thousands of pictures taken while in Italy.  To be in all that rich surrounding how could I not just want to soak it up, be a part of it as much as I can and hold onto the feeling by simply one little click. Or in my case, thousands of little clicks. 

A picture can bring me back to where I was, what wrapped me up and how it felt on my body and in my mind. What drew me in and allowed me to get lost for that moment however simple or complex it was for me.

In taking many pictures of absolutely anything and everything, I wholeheartedly fall in love with many of them. I see, I feel and I need. I see an image and allow my eyes to bask in its splendor, allow it to captivate me, to lure me in. The need to capture it precisely how it made me feel is urgent. I want to feel that over and over again. I want to throw myself into the moment again and again. It's not just a picture to me, it's an extension of me. It's part of me forever and forever will I be a part of it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

bath time with Mario

I took it upon myself to cut my son's hair last week and I think it came out pretty decent. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be seeing how I just wanted it all over short...and that's what he got. After finishing up, he was amazed at the amount of hair in the bathroom sink.

A fun bath followed and my boy was squeaky clean and ready to play. But first some pictures in his adorable frog towel made by my friend. I love having a friend both generous AND crafty.

Those lashes, that smile...those feet!

Friday, January 13, 2017

simply studiously

my olivia maria, my second born, my second daughter, my sweet. almost always equally ready for play, work or relax. she's a true kid at heart, innocent, prudent but playful and willing to lend a hand be it with housework, her little brother or grocery shopping.

school she has thrown herself into 110%. she enjoys going, has loved her teachers and schoolmates and although no kid really loves homework, she takes hers seriously and done with pride. these days she's loving math, figuring things out and learning about history. she is and always has been my artsy one and will color, paint, draw, build, construct and develop to her heart's content, any day, all day.

she is my little ray of sunshine. how is it possible that this year she turns 8?

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