Thursday, January 22, 2015


Not too far from the Adriatic Coast up on a hill overlooking olive trees, is the town of Alberobello. Translated literally it's tree pretty, but that sounds weird so we say pretty tree. It's an adorable little town full of little homes called trulli houses. Cone-shaped roofs and round first floors that's what these trulli houses are known for. Some in town have been turned into shops, pubs and restaurants while most in the historic center are still homes to the people of Alberobello.

Walking down one of the many hilly streets and turn and you will spot an image like this...breathtaking, right?

You can go to the roof of a trullo and overlook all of Alberobello.

My little model posing in what used to store olive oil. I love these jugs and would love to have one in our backyard here.

Trulli houses. Some even have symbols painted on the roofs.

Inside the door of a seamstress. I spy a little girl's profile in the reflection.

Numero 31 - just thought they had a very pretty set up for their entry. How amazing would that be if this were your front door?


And triple the love with these little amazing little beings. Love that they had another great visit to Alberobello! Yes, that is a part of a gelato in Olivia's hand. Every trip ends with ice cream!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

scenes about town...

I love Mesagne. There is always something for me to snap a picture of whether it be a random blue bike with a great hat in the basket or some gorgeous swaying palm trees. Can't get enough of this little town.

The church where my parents were married, Madonna del Carmine.

Chiesa Madre in centro storico in Mesagne. Centro Storico is one of my most favorite places. The original town of Mesagne, cobble stone streets, beautiful alleys and old churches. Very old churches. For the past several years now it's the place to live and hang out, new restaurants and pubs dot some of the old streets. I love it.

Happy grandkids, happy grandparents.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

a morning stroll alla villa

We love to walk to the villa in Mesagne. Especially when it's gorgeous, there's promise of playground time and of course, gelato!

The best time to go is a Saturday or Sunday morning when most are at the beach. We don't go to the beach on the weekends since it's crazy busy so we stick to other day trips nearby or just hang around town.

Olivia takes "hanging around" very literally.

My little risk taker. She was watching some boys climb up and down this thing, that's not meant for climbing on top of but more for riding your bike under. Regardless, she watched and watched and finally when they left she mastered it too. She was so proud of herself!

I love this tree in the center of the villa. It is so amazing to see and of course climb up on. I'll have to scan the picture of me sitting on this very tree MANY years ago and post it on here.

Happy to be at the villa on a gorgeous summer morning.

Naturally we get gelato too from all that running around and playing.

And my baby boy. So sweet to have tired himself out by watching the girls play that he takes his morning nap in the stroller under the canopy of trees surrounding the villa.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Party, Party, Party!

And so now this marks 3 1st birthday celebrations for my little man but that's ok. Celebrated with Pennsylvania family and friends this past weekend and couldn't have had a better time. Even missing his afternoon nap, Mario Luca was in awesome spirits and was whisked around by family and close friends and finally settled on Daddy for a little disco nap before gearing up for more party fun.
Totally loving to touch the icing, but eat it not so much. At this point, he definitely didn't get his teeth from his mama since mine are all sweet and he wants little to do with sugar. More for my girls and I!

Honestly the sweetest face ever. My little 1 year old! Can't believe how great this past year has been and how blessed our last 7 and a half years have been as parents!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh, how I love a week that includes making these little batches of awesomeness! There is no better way to celebrate the end of a school week or start off the weekend then with the best chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. Thank you to Williams-Sonoma for the inspiration!
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