Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Orecchiette, carrying on traditions

The girls absolutely love this tradition each year in Mesagne, making orecchiette with Nonna. A simple little recipe, a tricky little flip of the thumb with a knife and VOILA! you have your little ear shaped pasta made famous from our region of Puglia.

Mario got in on the action this year as well. Getting his hands messy is a specialty of his so he thoroughly enjoyed this very much.

My girls are little perfectionists when it comes to making orecchiette but also love when they're later eating the pasta to pick out the specific ones they made based on little indentations or marks they made on them.

Perfect little orecchiette. Unfortunately, no after picture when they're cooked and served with fresh tomato sauce. They are eaten much too quickly to bother grabbing the camera.

Monday, August 22, 2016

It's always sunny in St. Augustine

Back from a weekend trip away to visit my good friend Emily in St. Augustine, FL and I just had the best time. Words cannot properly convey my respect for this girl and how much our friendship means to me. I was spoiled this weekend and really appreciated every second of it!

Amazing friends like her are hard to come by and should be told often how much their friendship means to you. Be real with your amazing friends - show them your awkward, crazy, sad, happy, scared and loving side and you'll be happy you did. A friend you can be yourself with, is someone worth holding onto and never letting go no matter what distance separates you.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Record breaking

Not just Olympians breaking records these days, I was in 3 pictures with my kids in a span of just a week. That rarely happens around here since I'm always the one taking the pictures. I document just about everything from baking and crafting to our vacations and day adventures. I rarely make the pictures. Unless I spot someone nearby to allow to use my camera and snap a quick pic of the kids and I, it's not happening. I don't like how I look in selfies, I do have long arms but not selfie-stick long to get a good vantage point. But sometimes you have to do things you don't prefer to just to capture a moment.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

Great day celebrating turning 38. Began the night before with ice cream with a good friend and then my 6am barre class which was awesome. Might sound like an oxymoron - 6am class, but I love it and it makes me very happy. So an hour of working out immediately followed by cake for breakfast with the kids. It's all about balance.

Then it was off for the kids and I on a little adventure to the Brandywine River Museum of Art which the kids and I love to frequent. They had a great children's illustrations exhibit going on that I had read about and knew the girls especially would really enjoy. And they did.

At the end of the short but wonderful exhibit, there were books! Thank goodness I have kids that are interested in books. I hope it remains as such too.

Off to visit the "animals" by the river.

And then I found this...I love finding hearts out and about.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Arrivederci 37 and Buon Giorno 38

Another year. Another candle to add to the cake. And most possibly, another grey hair and wrinkle to add to the bunch.

That went quick. I just celebrated my 20th year high school reunion this past weekend and that was a shock to the system. 20 years since graduating high school and it feels like it was almost yesterday. But that's what happens with everything, you can't stop time, can't make it stand still because you're having a moment. It just keeps on, keeping on.

Honestly, celebrating my birthday and getting older doesn't bother me. I love birthdays. Everyday is a reason to celebrate, but your birthday is your very own day to celebrate life. Life in general, but most appropriately, your life. Celebrate what you've created, what you're doing and the things you have yet to accomplish.

This meme I saw on Pinterest awhile back "choose a job you love and you won't ever have to work a day in your life" comes to my mind. I technically don't have a job, not one paid by Uncle Sam anyway. Oh, I've worked. Babysitting since the age of 10 and then "real" jobs starting at 14 all the way up until March 28, 2007, the day before Sofia was born. My good friend once yelled at me for saying "I'm just a mom now" and regularly chastises me when it comes up. He's right to do so though since "just" being a mom can be purpose enough for our life. It is purpose enough for life because it is life.

I may not leave the house in work clothes each morning, get called into meetings or have to go on business trips but I do work. I am constantly in competition with myself to work harder. I played that game at comparing myself to others way back when and that doesn't work for me. They are not me, I am not them, there is no comparison. I can only compete with myself. I can work harder to be a better person...to myself. To not judge myself too harshly. To not give myself an impossible mountain to climb or a pedestal that is way too high for me to ever reach. No official annual review for me, but that doesn't mean I'm not assessing and reassessing often though.

I don't make New Year's resolutions but rather give myself goals to work towards or items I'd like to check off on my list. This is on an as-needed basis not just December 31st. It's simple to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about our dreams and wishes, but I'd like to work harder to see them come to fruition. Regardless of their magnitude, they are important and need to remain a constant in our lives. Whether it's to read more, do something with my photography or to play more with my kids. All important to me and something I need to work on for myself. Sounds a little selfish, but I think sometimes it's ok to be selfish. You have to think of yourself first and make yourself happy first, before you can make anyone else happy.

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