Sunday, March 29, 2015

My daughter turns 8! Picture overload!

I can't believe that I'm writing a post about my daughter turning 8. I mean, weren't we just pregnant and expecting our first child like yesterday?!? 8? 8 years ago we became parents? How is that possible?

Sofia Vincenza is one very special girl. The girl that first called us mama and dada. The girl that taught us really how to love someone so much without knowing so little about themselves yet. The girl that continues to teach us every single day. And I mean it when I say

From first hugs, words and steps we can not imagine our lives without this special little lady.

This nature-loving little girl that fell in love with Italy I truly believe on her very first visit at 4 months old and still continues to love this place that we hold so dear to our hearts.

My beautiful girl that loves to dance, sing and play.

A true Daddy's girl...

a smiler...

and a great big sister to Olivia.

A lover of farm life...or at least the cute hats you get to wear when at the farm...

Fond memories with great-grandmother, Nonna Linda

She loves to make a splash...

and loves her sister. 

She has loved school from day one at preschool to still now in 2nd grade. Loves to learn, draw and especially read.

She might be a daddy's girl, but she really is my mini-me and I love that about her so much!

She's a superstar in the making. With a great partner in crime.

Sofia loves her "me" time. Likes to be on her own from time to time and do her thing.

She loves being in the kitchen and helping however she can.

She is my little girl that loves to have fun.

She has embraced becoming a big sister for the second time, something we like to call big-big around here and she's incredible.

She's always up for a silly face picture...

she's my graceful ballerina...

and my sponge for knowledge. 

My comedian always up for a laugh...

my little beach girl...

and a girl that loves her cousins.

She is my little flower who isn't quite so little anymore. And I love her so much.

Buon Compleanno Sofia mia!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Chase!

Many smiles this past weekend as we were in Maryland celebrating Chase's 4th birthday. Understatement of the year when I say that the kids (big and small) had a great time at the party. Mario loved playing with the big kids and was running around having a blast!

Slide with Daddy...check out that big smile!

He loves his Zio Antonio!

I loved watching Olivia on the rock wall, especially when little brother was right beside her trying to do it too. Daddy helped him out a little.

Fun with zios! Not a great picture but love the smiles it captured between my little boy and my little brothers. Love, love, love.

This kid had so much fun. Mario did too! Seriously though, we didn't have to encourage anything with him, he wanted to try everything out that morning.


My little monkey swinging around...

Not quite so graceful in this picture but Sofia loves places like this and had so much fun.

Donut time! Guess who likes glazed donuts?

The big birthday boy! Can't believe he's already 4. He had so much fun and was running around with a smile on the whole time.

Scott and his mini-me. So sweet! Buon Compleanno Chase! We love you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another painting craft? Don't mind if we do.

I love Olivia's half days at Kindergarten. And I love that she still loves them too. Every once in awhile she'll ask to stay because something special is going on at school, but I love that she thinks coming home on those two half days are special too.

Sometimes we don't do much but play a memory card card, Trouble is a favorite game of hers and we'll play that too or even just watch a movie when Mario goes down for his nap. Sometimes we get crafty though. And thankfully it's always fun getting crafty with someone else who loves getting crafty too. Which Olivia does very much.

Our latest and greatest...found on Pinterest over a year ago and this is the first time we've completed it. Super super super easy. Do I need to place more emphasis on easy?

All you need:
- paint brush
- paints
- something to paint on

What you do:
- dab dots of paint throughout your canvas
- start blending

Easy and so fun! And was helpful with seeing what two colors (or more) made when combined.

My serious little Piacasso

And Voila! Finito! Bellissimo! And now displayed in our basement with pride!

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