Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very happy thanksgiving to you and yours. May you enjoy lots of smiles and laughter, food and drink and good company! Today and always.

I never posted a picture of our thankful garland that I did with the girls a few years ago. Very simple and fun project and now a staple to our Thanksgiving decorations in the home.

All you need is some twine for hanging, shapes of leaves cutout from scrapbook paper, hole punch and a marker. They were too little to write out what they were thankful for onto each leaf so I think an update is due for next Thanksgiving in their handwriting. Which is probably much better than mine anyway.

But I do love the addition we were able to make this year to our thankful leaf "sisters" it now reads "sisters and brother" - Yay!!! Love that my little monkey is celebrating his first Thanksgiving with us!

Off to "help" in the kitchen. Gobble, gobble!

Monday, November 24, 2014

More from our little climber...

That face. Honestly. So sweet and I could just stare into those eyes forever. Probably because they look just like Daddy's eyes. Same little twinkle and perfect chocolate color. Love.

Checking himself out in the reflection from our finger-print covered fireplace cover. Which is horribly outdated and in major need of an overhaul. Hmm, whenever that time comes that would make a great before and after picture post. Not to mention that awful paneling on that wall surrounding the fireplace. It's probably the only wall in the house we haven't done anything to...yet.

But who has time to plan refacing our fireplace or our paneled wall? Not this mama. Especially when I have a climber on my hands.

Tongue shot!

Baby feet are about the cutest things EVER. Cuter than puppies. AND baby feet smell way better than puppies too.

"Look ma! Aren't you proud? Climbing all over those books you enjoy reading to us."

"I sure am adorable though, right?"

That's right Mario. You are very adorable.

This kid LOVES to climb!

I just love these pictures I took of my little man playing with one of his favorite things in the house...our kitchen stools. He crawls through them to get out to the next rooms INSTEAD of crawling around them. I love how determined he gets and how many times he will attempt it in a fifteen minute span.

I will say that it is a good bit of exercise and I'm impressed he's not bored with it yet.

SO happy after his little workout and crawling to mommy.

"Did you see what I did Mommy?" Coming over for some hugs...Mommy hugs are the best!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Pretzel Trees

So it's no secret that our daughters love anything sweet. Or that they love getting ideas from magazines to try at home. Sofia put those two loves together today and with the help of her little sister and daddy, they made these. How adorable, right?

Featured in the Family Fun magazine's December issue, this easy peasy recipe took less than 10 minutes and had everyone smiling. What's not to love about that???

What you'll need:
pretzel rods - they used 3 for each tree
chocolate chips to melt
plastic bag
sprinkles to decorate

What to do:
1. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and have your kids set up the trees using 3 pretzel rods for each tree.
2. The kids can pour in the chocolate chips into a microwave-safe dish and the parent can melt the chocolate. Make sure not to overheat the chocolate or you'll end up with a lumpy, stiff mess that you'll have to throw out. And no one likes throwing out chocolate! We usually melt on low power in 15-20 second intervals, stir and repeat if necessary.
3. Scoop the melted chocolate into a plastic bag, seal and snip off one end of the bag to easily pipe over the pretzel tree.
4. Decorate and allow to set. Enjoy!

My turn for a haircut...

For anyone that's gone through the ups and downs of hair growth/loss during and after pregnancy, you'll understand where I'm coming from with this post.

Below is an outtake from our Christmas card photo shoot last year with my brother. Long, long hair, super thick (sort of curly/wavy thing going on) and believe it or not it was much longer than that when I finally chopped off 8 inches this past Spring. That's basically been my hair for my whole life. I've always loved my long hair but...I've gone through moments where I needed to just chop it off. This year has been one of those moments.

Now this is a rare photo of my hair down from this past summer in Italy. I straightened it and it's just past my shoulders. Easy to pull back, love the way it looks both natural and straightened, win-win-win.

Below is a before and after just this past week with my hair. It had grown some from the big Spring cut and was basically just one layer and blunt. I needed an update. The after is a little shorter with some extra layers put in as well. A little different from the cut this past Spring and so far, so good. I love it straight from the salon, we'll have to see how much I love it when I attempt doing it on my own.

So far, I'm loving the length pulled back in a pony. That was one of the issues I was having with having it too long and always having to pull it back (which is my choice look these days - or rather the last 7 years!). Long, thick hair that is pulled back all the time was causing me to have headaches from the weight of it all. Chopping it off allows me to be able to pull it back without dealing with the heaviness of my hair and I don't have to worry about little fingers trying to pull at it.

And yes, I'm totally showing off my Zara scarf in this picture before that I have been adoring from afar for a couple years now. It's all mine now!!! I love it and all the fun ways you can wear it. Check them out here on Pinterest.

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