Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mario turns 1!

It's no shock that I take a lot of pictures. There will be a day or two that goes by that I haven't taken any but that doesn't happen very often. It's just what I do. And I love it.

Starting with Sofia, I took a picture every month on (or around) the day of her birth with a stuffed animal dog that Anthony bought for the baby before she was even born. We did the same for Olivia and now Mario too. Here's a look back on the year:

He had a nice, quiet little first birthday today. A couple good naps, some playing and a whole lot of his new favorite thing - walking!

Hanging with big sister Olivia when she got home from school...

and big-big sister Sofia right before bed

Oh! And the walking. SO proud of himself too. 

Happy 1st Birthday to one amazing little baby boy!

1 year ago today...Happy 1st Birthday Mario Luca!

Mario Luca was born at 10:38am on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. I had to ask the doctor twice if she was sure that we had in fact had a boy. I couldn't believe it! Could have been all the medicine I was on with the cesarean. From the second I was able to hold him, I fell so in love with my little man. A little prince to love and be a part of our life with two little princesses. He really is the perfect fit to our family. What a special impact he has made on us all.

So much to look back on in the past year and so many wonderful memories made with family and friends. Too many pictures and moments to choose from but I tried to pick my absolute favorite.

A year of love.

A couple more pictures from yesterday of the little man...not only is he consistently taking steps, but he's climbed on just about everything he can in the house. Time to babyproof- AGAIN!

The two bottom teeth are completely in at this point and waiting for more little chiclit teeth to come in. My smiley little boy, ready with a big grin for the camera.

Our very own party of five! Feeling utterly blessed and thankful for these loves I get to call my own.

Happy Birthday Mario, we love you so much little man.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

School Christmas Show

Last night we had the girls' Christmas show for their school and it was so great to be there. Last year at the time of their show, I had just had Mario the day before and was still in the hospital. It's events like these that make me certain of our decision to send our kids to a smaller catholic school. The sense of community is amazing and I really feel like the whole experience has been very personal.

My parents have made it to every Christmas show that the girls have been in and we appreciate it so much as they watch our kids grow, learn and sing! I know the girls love having them there too!

A Palumbi/Pitocco/Yeager family shot from last night:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

only 9 days until Christmas...

someone is enjoying being mobile this Christmas! just 2 days shy of his first birthday and he's been taking steps pretty consistently. it's amazing how fast this past year went. what happened to this little baby from last year:

Monday, December 15, 2014

an evening in centro storico

I'm getting behind on my posts from this past summer in Italy and I hope to post a few more times before the end of the year. Need to post them before we start planning for our next trip over!

One evening we went into centro storico (the old town) for a walk and to watch "Mesagnese nel Mondo" - the people of Mesagne in the world. My mom was one of those people since she is from Mesagne and has since left the town. It was pretty cool listening to the performers and interviewers and the girls were so good. Mario, on the other hand, preferred being strolled and not so much just sitting still. So, unfortunately he and I headed home with Olivia before we got to see my mom go on stage but Sofia made sure to tell us all about it since she went on stage with Nonna too!

The girls and I strolled Mario before the show began and took in a little more of centro storico, one of my favorite places ever. I just love the old town so much with it's cobblestone streets, old churches and narrow alleys. It's every bit of perfect to me.

How sweet do they look?!?

Waiting for the show to begin. How cool is that evening sky? 

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