Monday, May 21, 2018

all about balance

Perfecting his balance on his balance bike so he "can get a bike with pedals like the girls" Love this little man so much and love watching him on his bike. With his fireman rain boots no less. 

The sweetest place on Earth!

Kids first trip to Hershey Park! We surprised them with a day trip and they were SO excited once we arrived. Perfect weather, no long lines and lots and lots of smiles. And sugar.

We brought a life-size friend home with us too. Yay. That "Yay" should be read with a very sarcastic undertone.

After rides and more rides, we toured the Hershey Museum which was very fun too. A short ride through the history and making of chocolate followed by a visit to the gift shop. Chocolate for mommy! I mean for everyone.

Happy Kids! They had a great day and Mario already asked when we're going back!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

flowers, flowers everywhere

when a dreary, rainy week has you feeling blue...bring the sunshine and colors in! 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Father/Daughter Dance 2018

Another Father/Daughter dance in the books! Girls were so excited to dress up, get some flowers and put on a little makeup (very little makeup). The school does a nice job of getting them excited for the event and they always come home with smiles and very tired. 

I asked them not to smile for a photo and they listened! 

Of course, the sillies got the better of them two minutes later.

I ask for a nice smile and I get silly faces ALL.THE.TIME. I ask to leave it until the end and I get one good one first, but no. One of them always has to throw in some silly face every time.

And then they listen. Of course, this is after threats and bribes. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Turning 9

My Olivia bella turns 9 today. Looking through the thousands of photos and it's so difficult to choose my favorites. Each day with Olivia brings something new. 

The sweetest and happiest baby girl. Her character shown through the very minute she came into this world, our world. Calm, gentle disposition and loving personality. She loved Sofia from the very beginning, rarely taking her eyes off of her and quickly becoming her shadow.

Playful, funny, thoughtful. This girl lights up the room with her giggle and curious nature.

I used to say that Olivia was the best of both worlds. One of my favorite memories is her running around outside in her tu-tu and kicking a soccer ball around the backyard.

She's determined, rarely gives up and loves learning new things. Whether she wants to bake in the kitchen, water the flowers outside, learn a new game or get creative and messy with her hands.

She is a very good big sister. Is a little mommy to her brother. She likes having fun with him but is also quick to put him in his place.

She's so sweet. A bundle of hugs and kisses rolled into a caring little girl.

The second I got to hold her, she was just so content. So happy just being here. Seeing what there is to see, loving life.

And we're so happy she's here too. I love you Olivia Maria.

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