Monday, March 27, 2017

Reminiscing her first year...

Just another day and Sofia Vincenza will no longer be in the single digits. This little, sweet bundle that brought me into motherhood will turn 10 this week. It sounds so cliche to ask where the time went. With everything in life it just keeps moving, nothing to slow it down, no stop to get off on this never ending train ride of life. Her first ten years and looking back it seemed to happen in a snap of the fingers.

No book, no well-meant advice, no YouTube video can ever prepare you for the second the nurse hands you your baby, says to you "Congratulations Mom, here she is!" and how your life will no longer be the same. Yes, the developmental milestones, the sleepless nights, the first smiles, crawls, steps, foods, books, toys, cuddles, kisses, squeals. Nothing can prepare you as honestly and directly as just being in it and moving along. Going with the flow, be it the lulling waves or the turbulent waters of parenthood.

Those first real looks...

Those meaningful moments...

Those smiles simply meant for you and only you...

The budding of your little flower, finding her personality...

Showing you her various moods...

Letting you know early on her first real loves...

The breath of fresh air that was always present in your life but you never really knew it until she breathed it right alongside with you.

Her sweet side...

Her silliness, moodiness, snuggly and adoring little ways...

Sofia letting you know in the span of a relatively short time how much she learned from you, needed you, wanted to share things with you, be near you and of course, loved you.

Ten went by so fast, too fast. Still so much to learn from this amazing gal.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

a quick (and healthy) snack

It's been a few posts now so thought I would go back to my number 3 little man eating a mandarino. He is thankfully a very good eater in that he will eat a variety of foods, he loves fruit especially which makes this fruit-loving mama very happy. And I feel better about him also enjoying a piece of chocolate or an occasional cookie since he is really an overall great eater. Hopefully this phase sticks around forever. Makes my heart swell when I make sauteed spinach and baked salmon and he's enjoying it too.

A little blurry but I don't care. Those eyes just get me every time.

And those lashes, goodness what women do to get lashes like that and he's got them naturally.

As much as you tell the kids not to play with their food, how adorable are those little fingers stacking and re-stacking little mandarino slices?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

a taste of spring

I was getting used to the idea that Spring was nearing, that is until we're due a major blizzard. Tomorrow. School has already been cancelled and bread, eggs and milk purchased. Hopefully it amounts to nothing. Or it could be one last hurrah for Winter, the kids enjoy the snow, I get exercise shoveling and then do what I do best on snow days - engross myself in the kitchen cooking and baking.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

for the love of reading

I'm so proud that right now I can say all three kids love books. They either love reading on their own - the oldest- love reading on their own AND being read to - the middle - or love being read to - the youngest. It's something that has been a part of their lives since I was pregnant with each of them and continues to be a part of their day.

I especially love when the two big ones just go off to read on their own. They grab a book, find a comfy spot in the house and can be there for a good bit of time in their own little world. My little man and I find time to read every morning, before nap, after dinner and before bed. So, naturally, I love it too when I find that he's off on his own playing and I go in to peek on him and he's got a book on his lap and he's "reading" to himself.

Makes this book-lover very proud!

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