Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nature's blessings

Monday, September 18, 2017

Strawberry Oat Bars

These are the tastiest and simplest anytime treat AND loaded with the oats and strawberry preserves makes you feel that perhaps it's a little on the healthy side too. Thank you to the Pioneer Woman for the inspiration! View link for her easy recipe, you won't be disappointed!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Sunset in Porto Cesareo

A favorite town to visit is Porto Cesareo. A beautiful ride through farms and one small town, not too far from Mesagne and you're on the beautiful Ionian coast. Porto Cesareo isn't small but it's not a big port town by any means either. A pleasant walk through the downtown showcasing boutiques, souvenir shops and a multitude of cafes and restaurants.

The kids and I enjoyed a very fun and relaxing evening there this past summer. We were celebrating the girls finishing up their summer camp in Mesagne. I was so proud of them to try something new AND they loved it. A little nervous the first day but I went to pick them up and loved their BIG smiles on their beautiful faces. At the end of the camp, I wanted a special night out with my kids. So to Porto Cesareo we went...a walk along the boats, of course pictures of the breathtaking sunset, pizza, gelato and time at the park. It was an amazingly fun night!

My little model posing in from of the tower and the luna peeking from just behind.

View from the pizzeria we ate at that night...delicious food, great chats, proud mama!

Sunset is my favorite color...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Spoil them with chocolate

I love seeking out meals, skimming through cookbooks, browsing Pinterest for new-to-me recipes and experimenting with my own take on the recipe. I love to cook healthy meals for my family and love the looks on their faces when they really enjoy something I've made. The "eww, I'm not eating that" face is pretty funny too just less motivational for me sometimes. As much as I enjoy cooking, I LOVE baking.

I love baking cakes, muffins and cookies. A favorite I always go back to are chocolate chip cookies. EVERYONE loves chocolate chip cookies and if you don't then that's just odd. I went for a few years experimenting with any chocolate chip cookie recipe I could find and "forced" my family to try out the finalists. It came down to one recipe above all the others though and I've stuck with it for a couple years now. Never fails and always sure to bring smiles when I put the butter on the counter to thaw to room temperature and bring the big cookie sheets out.

Kudos to Williams Sonoma for delivering on the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. If you haven't tried the recipe, you should.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Highland Orchards Fun

Maybe it was the fall chill in the air or the fact that Tuesdays Mario doesn't have preschool, but on a whim we set off after breakfast for a favorite Fall stop to Highland Orchards. The first of what will be several trips I'm certain to this local orchards and farms was just what we needed. No crowds to contend with as it's still early in the Fall season, field trips haven't begun yet to this popular destination and so we had the run of the park, animals and shop. Perfect for my little man and myself.

Mario loved the goats, the only animals out today. We watched them for awhile, he chatted the entire time about what they were doing and picked one for himself...

Allow me to introduce Goatie. He's not too inventive with the naming of things yet. He's very practical, my boy. Goatie was sweet and fun to watch. But stinky so no bringing her home with us.

Sweet little spot not too far from home, great shop for produce and their bakery is just amazing. I wanted one of everything, but settled on a chocolate chip M&M cookie for him and Apple Cider donuts for me (and some to bring home to share).

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