Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Move over Julie Andrews

Another video from tonight that I couldn't pass on posting. She hasn't seen the movie yet but definitely soon...the music is one of her favorites.

Pippi Longstocking song in Italian

Sung by Olivia Maria

What the tooth fairy brought

She had been asking for a keychain to hang on her backpack so looky what the tooth fairy brought...and it has an Italian flag on it too which she recognized and loved. And $5 for the first tooth seemed pretty generous but seeing how she is 5 years old, I guess it makes sense. Oh and a little letter that was filled with cut-out yellow stars which were the highlight of the morning to tell you the truth. She had picked them all up by the time I came upstairs in the morning and said they made a trail from the window to her pillow. That tooth fairy sure is creative!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tooth Fairy will be visiting tonight

A couple bites into an apple and a little tug later and we had our very first lost tooth. My babygirl isn't so much a baby anymore. And she won't have a big gap for long either since the adult tooth has already been growing in right behind the baby tooth. Sofia had a shark tooth effect going on which she thought was very cool. Mommy, not so much.

We'll have to see what the tooth fairy brings tonight!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My little ballerina

Olivia had her observation day at ballet this past week which is great because it's an opportunity to sit in and see my little girl doing what she loves every week. She was SO good.

Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

some from around these parts...

I baked blueberry muffins from scratch combining a little from two recipes I had. They came out pretty good. I think the butter/cinnamon/sugar combo for the topping is what really helped these guys out.

We are in the Valentine's mood over here with making Valentine's for school, family and friends and a little bit of decorating. I think I need to stop with the garlands though. They are just so easy to put together and make the house look festive!  Doilies with felt hearts strung together with baker's twine and then more felt hearts strung with sewing thread.

And there has been some painting going on too...

ok, a lot of painting.

And Olivia had her last day of ballet for this session and it was observation day. Yay for getting to watch and seeing how much she's learned from the beginning.

Love how perfect she tries to make her feet. And love that I can now french braid her hair which makes her SO happy.

Look who came with Nonna Maria to observation day, cousin Simon. Olivia enjoyed having an audience!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Republica Dominicana 2013

Warning: Picture Overload!!!

We traveled to the Dominican Republic last week with Anthony's parents and some friends of the family and had a great time. Girls enjoyed the sun, sand and surf and Anthony and I enjoyed not working and taking it easy for a week. No cooking, laundry or cleaning (much, anyway)!

The second night is a Welcome Party with a ginormous buffet, concert, dancing and fireworks.

I raided our sticker inventory and added to it for this trip. Nothing keeps the girls better entertained these days like stickers.

Nonno Mario and Nonna Maria enjoying the Welcome party.

Nonno Mario and the girls.

Ahhh...the beach. So serene. And aptly named...Serenity Beach.

Loving our family time.

Massive chess board means tons of fun for the girls. And Anthony.

Sofia was our champion eater while on vacation and enjoyed trying some new foods. She was so great about eating a little bit of everything.

Olivia not so much. Thankfully she had huge breakfasts each morning and snacked here and there. She sure is cute though!

Some special time with Nonno Mario and Nonna Maria.

They LOVED the pool!

Hanging out on the balcony with mommy while Daddy and Olivia nap.

Wait, did I say she didn't eat well down there? She ate dessert VERY well, it was everything else associated with lunch and dinner that she didn't care for.

Gorgeous images no matter where you turn.

Special afternoon with my girls while Olivia and Daddy nap. A walk, some jewelry shopping and ice cream. Who could ask for anything more?

Bathing beauties.

Smoothies for the girls made special by the sweetest bartender.

Silly girls.

Sleepy girl after all the time in the pool.

Last breakfast with Nonno and Nonna

I love palm trees!

Love my family and grateful to have spent a great week with these two incredible girls and the best husband in the world!

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