Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Weekend Part 1

Easter weekend is spent with my family and the girls, I mean kids, had a great time. It's going to be tough to stop saying girls and make sure I'm including Mario in with them! But the kids had a great time. The girls (I guess I can still say that from time to time!) had so much fun baking cookies with Nonna Lisa. They take it very seriously and try to do it just like Nonna. They love being able to pick out their cookies from the batch when it's time to enjoy them!

We did the egg thing too. Just used the old fashioned water/vinegar mix with food coloring instead of buying one of the kits and they came out really cute. Simple, fun and a nice tradition.

Mario looks impressed doesn't he?

Olivia loved mixing the food coloring in with the water/vinegar mixture.

My colorful girl Sofia wanted to mix her eggs in with all the colors.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4 months old

Just a couple weeks behind posting this picture but I'm 100% so far for at least taking the picture on the 18th of each month. I can't believe how big Mario is getting. I took a bunch of pictures at this point and this particular picture was when his sisters came running into the room to squeal at him (for the 8,456,345th time. No joke. I think the expression on his face says it all.

My little loves

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mason's 1st Birthday

Spring has been busy for our family! Mason celebrated his 1st birthday just a couple weeks ago and we were so happy to make it down for our godson's birthday celebration. It's so crazy to think a year's gone by already since the first time we met this little guy. He always has a smile on his face and is just such a sweet little dude. Can't wait for him and Mario to get into trouble together!

Antonio Patrizio x 2

Siblings. Not our best moment.

Adorbs. Love these guys that I'm proud to call my little brothers. Since it's pretty obvious who the little one actually is from this picture.

Famiglia! Sofia was upset to be taken away from the bounce house.

Mario checking out the world from Zio's tall shoulders!

Sweet family Pitocco.

I love this picture so much I can't event explain. My brothers and the kids.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sofia mia

An adorable picture of Sofia reading to baby brother and him not able to take his eyes off of her.

And a couple more from her 7th birthday. Birthday morning with gifts from mommy, daddy, Olivia and Mario. 

A visit from Nonno Nicky and Nonna Lisa for the day of her birthday. 

And dinner with Daddy's family after her school girls birthday party

baby boy is growing fast!

We received so many beautiful outfits for Mario Luca and I love each one of them, especially the sweet boy-ish ones. He's growing so fast that he's only able to wear them a few times before they're too small on him. Makes a mama proud to see their child growing so well!

So I've been making sure to take some pictures of him in the most favorite outfits. This is one of them. So sweet.

And a perfect excuse to get some tummy time cute is the bottom of this outfit?!?

Reading with Olivia

We love reading with and to the kids and Mario seems to enjoy this part of the family dynamics too. His big sisters love reading to him and while Olivia isn't quite yet reading, she does know plenty of books by memory. Each Peach Pear Plum is one of them and she read to her baby brother.
Both loved it! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More from the baptism

Posing for Zio Antonio following the baptism, how stinking pretty is she?!?!

Palumbi family

Pitocco siblings

Mario Luca's godparents, blessed little boy

Every party should include this many delicious desserts! Thankful for all the good bakers in my life.

So, he's a little taller than me.

Friends and Family!

Nonna Maria and Mario

Nonno Nicky trying to take a bite out of Olivia's pizza

Nonno Mario, Nonna Lisa and Mario

Nonnos, Daddy and Baby!

Nonno Mario and his sister Zia Rosina with the little man

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mario Luca's Baptism

We celebrated Mario's baptism last Saturday and it was such a beautiful day. Nonno Nicky performed the baptism, 5th grandchild he's baptized now which is very special. Mario was a great little baby and even "talked" to Nonno during the service.

Lots of smiles getting all dressed up...

The girls wanted to know why he was wearing a dress!

Thank you to Zio Antonio and Zio Scotty for taking pictures for us along with a family friend who really helped us capture beautiful moments on his day.

Our dear friends, Erin and Ridge, his godparents!

One of my favorite things my dad does during the baptism, prayer with Anthony and the kids. So sweet!

More to come from the party that followed the church!!!
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