Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy 1 Year Old

We opened her birthday presents yesterday afternoon and she had so much fun playing in the tissue and wrapping paper!

So determined to get some juice out

She just keeps getting more beautiful each day

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sofia's 1st Birthday

Our little girl is one and we couldn't have asked for a better birthday party! 55 adults and 10 children all came out to celebrate with us as Sofia ate her first piece of cake. We think she enjoyed it.

Sofia loved the extra attention and spending time with family and friends. The little kids made use of our new playroom while the big kids experienced Rock Band.

My monkey cake for Sofia and the zoo-themed cake for the guests

Attempting climbing up the steps

What is this?

It's pretty tasty...

Too much cake!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Buon Compleanno Sofia!

Our little baby girl turns 1 today! Anthony and Zio Scott are running the last minute errands while I finish up some stuff around the house AND make sure my daughter gets a good nap this far, so good.

Anthony and I went upstairs as soon as she woke up this morning to get some video of our little one-year-old - we made a promise to ourselves that we wouldn't do that to her when she's 21. So many emotions right now, so I am going to consume myself with cleaning...

mia piccola bambina

Come back later for birthday pictures!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Project Playroom is complete!

We do still need to hang a few pictures and find some organizers for toys and books, but we are FINITO! It was a lot of fun working on it together (a.k.a. I picked out the colors and Anthony did most of the painting) and it really came out better than we could have hoped for seeing how neither of us can really draw a straight line with a ruler. While we know the whole house is Sofia's domain, this will be her area to do with as she pleases (within reason - we're not installing a water slide or indoor wave pool).

To the right is a chalkboard wall and while she's not walking yet, I can't wait to see the beautiful "artwork" she creates on that wall later on. Our friends have a wall 3 times the size of ours dedicated to the chalkboard and their kids seem to really enjoy it. Thanks for letting us borrow the idea Lily and Gabe!

Croc it to me

It's not quite flip-flop season here in Pennsylvania, but I was in search of an easy on/off shoe for all the running around I do with Sofia. I had received a $30 gift card to Lord & Taylor and literally walked around the store for an hour trying to find something to buy (this is how removed I have become from shopping for myself). I happened across the Croc's stand and started trying them on.

When they first came out and were sold only in the mall kiosks, I thought they were pretty ugly. They do come in some fun colors, but I couldn't justify paying $30 for a pair of colorful garden shoes (especially since I am so far from having a green thumb). But here I was, years later, trying them on with my $30 gift card in hand and call it what you will - momentary loss of focus or whatever - but I walked out of L&T with a pair of black mary jane crocs.

It's only been one week since that fateful day but I have them on non-stop when out of the house. Super comfortable, easy to take on and off when holding an almost one-year-old, a diaper bag and the grocery shopping for the week. Would I have bought them if I didn't have that gift card? Probably not, I would have walked right by them like I have been for the past few years and bought something that I may not have needed and returned later anyway. But it was a splurge, well as much as a splurge a free gift card can be, and I am happy with my purchase.

I did come across a very hysterical blog about Crocs and call me a hypocrite for owning a pair now, but I couldn't help but laugh at the title of the blog and some of their posts. While I still think some of the styles and colors are hideous, mine are cute, easy and, as I mentioned earlier, comfortable (so far). And you can't beat free.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who doesn't love to snuggle?

Sofia loves to get in and snuggle whether it be laying on the couch or while you're holding her or even when she's about to eat she is snuggling up to Zio Antonio and Nonno Nick.

Easter Weekend Re-Cap

We were down in Maryland for Sofia's second Easter and had such a great time. Sofia was able to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny and watch the Easter egg hunt going on at my parent's church...I'm sure she can't wait until next year to run around with the other kids in hope of finding the most eggs! She's pulling herself up pretty consistently now and "cruising" around tables and chairs with little effort. Not sure when she's going to take those first steps, but I know that once she does she will be off and running 24/7.

Two pictures from Sofia's first easter (mommy is reminiscing):

Pictures from this year:

"What is that?"

On our way to mass

All eyes on Sofia

Sofia and Nonna Lisa

Sofia's thinking about what Zia Mina just said

Relaxing with Daddy and Zio Scott after all that good food!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buona Pasqua!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter from Anthony, Lisa and Sofia!

Friday, March 21, 2008

One week from tomorrow

is Sofia Vincenza's first birthday! Anthony and I can not believe how fast this year went and really how much fun it is to have our little girl here with us!

Not because I miss being pregnant yet, but check out the belly shots:

6 months pregnant at Christmas

8 months pregnant at PA Baby Shower

Almost 9 months pregnant at MD Baby Shower

3 hours until we meet our baby:

What to do with free time?

Create a playroom! Anthony and I begun a couple weeks ago masterminding a play area in our basement for Sofia and all her toys. We feel that our almost one-year-old daughter is not keeping us busy enough (yeah, right) so we decided to make some work for ourselves. In complete honesty it was a lot of fun coming up with an idea for the area and the painting - now let's hope Sofia likes it!

Before pictures of the area:
(the most recent pictures we have are from right after the baby showers)

During the process pictures:

Stay tuned for updates!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't quit your day job

Scouts from all over the country are searching for their next big hit and who would have thought to look in the Philadelphia suburbs, in the basement of an old home, within the hearts of 3 young talents. Yesterday afternoon brought out the inner rock star in Paola, Dan and Anthony.

Rocking out to R.E.M.

The making of a brother/sister band

Happy Palm Sunday

Since we spend Easter with the Pitocco family each year, we were with the Palumbi family to celebrate Palm Sunday together. The food was incredible and Sofia had some of Nonna Maria's homemade cannelloni made with scrippelle pasta - a traditional recipe from Abruzzo, Italy.

Nonna Maria is showing Sofia the big chocolate egg - yummy!

Opening her Easter present early with Nonna Maria and Nonno Mario

A little blurry but who could resist looking at that adorable face?!

Happy Birthday Emma Kelly Tropiano!

This past Saturday we celebrated with the Tropiano's Emma's 2nd birthday. Emma was a fantastic hostess letting all the kids play with her toys and smiling the whole way through "Happy Birthday!" Sofia had a great time playing and taking it all in - she doesn't even know what's coming in just under 2 weeks!!!

Coloring eggs with her friends

Sofia and Mommy playing

Hanging out on the deck with Daddy

Happy Birthday to Emma!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sofia's new pal

We had dinner with friends last night and Sofia had a buddy throughout the evening to keep her company. Miles was all over Sofia and would try to give her little kisses and want to play. However, as soon as he realized she liked the attention and would reciprocate, he tried to keep away from her little paws.

Finally...a moment's peace

If at first you don't succeed, try try again

Standing and Reaching: Take One

Standing and Reaching: Take Two

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sofia's visits the Philadelphia Art Museum

We had a fantastic afternoon today! Not only was the weather (finally) warmer and sunnier, but we took Sofia to the art museum downtown for her first art gallery exhibit, Frida Kahlo.

Sofia loves being in the hip hammock - thank you so much Scott for getting me this for Christmas - and it came in handy today as we toured the museum. She had great manners throughout the Frida Kahlo exhibit and I would whisper to her about her work and she would whisper back to me - it really was the cutest thing! Afterwards we walked through other galleries of the museum and checked out their vast collection of european and modern art. We think her favorite sculpture was Edgar Degas' Little Dancer (which is also one of her mommy's favorites)!

Getting some sun on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum

"Yo Adrian! It's me Rocky"

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