Saturday, July 9, 2011

just checking in...

A week and a half into our Italian summer vacation and already lots of great memories made and shared with family and friends. The girls have jumped into Italian life with both feet first and are off running. Time spent with family around town, in the sun and surf along the Adriatic Sea, enjoying all the wholesome goodness that is Italian cuisine, absorbing the lifestyle and so much more.

I'm thoroughly loving seeing them enjoy themselves since this is truly a place that I enjoy being so much and where I have spent so many wonderful days and nights. It makes me smile taking my daughters for walks around town and hearing neighbors and friends comment on how Sofia reminds them of me as a child. I love listening to Olivia try and speak Italian like everyone else around her. Watching Sofia collect snails and keeping them as "pets" is a sight to witness. And I can't tell you the adorable-ness that comes from watching these two devour a gelato!

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