Friday, March 29, 2013

Meeting Sofia Vincenza 6 years ago today

Technically we didn't meet her until the evening, but 6 years ago today Anthony and I became parents. She came into this world screaming her little lungs out and from the first time we heard her, held her and kissed her we were completely smitten. Born two weeks early, she was ready to dance into our lives and we couldn't imagine our days and nights any other way.

To my bright, imaginative, beautiful and colorful little lady. We love you so very much and love everything single thing about you.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good times

We had quite the busy March in our home filled with great memories. Zia Alessandra stayed with us for 3 weeks while Leandro traveled the US for business, we celebrated Chase's 2nd birthday in Maryland, St. Patty's day, got a little craft ready for Easter (even Leandro got to get in on the crafting fun and probably thinks I'm coo-coo) and Nonna Lisa came for a visit on her Spring Break.

Yes, leprechauns make stops at Italian homes too. He left us a mess to clean up upstairs along with some shamrock fans and chocolates.

The girls watch to make sure Leandro gets his bunny right.

A full set of happy bunnies!

Buddies for life.

Leandro treated us to homemade pizza one night for dinner. Delish!

Nonna Lisa got some time in with the girls.

My little ballerina

Chit-chatting with Nonna Lisa

Happy 2nd Birthday to Chase Nickolas!

While in Maryland for just a night on our last visit, we celebrated Chase's 2nd birthday. Can not believe two years has gone by already since we met this little man.

Olivia better be careful Nonno Nicky doesn't get a bite out of her cookie!

Daddy and his little girl

Loving the tool presents the girls got for him.

Zio Antonio and Sofia

He loved blowing out the much that we did it at least 10 times. What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets!

Someone loves icing...

Sweet little face! Happy little Chase, can't believe you are going to be a big brother so soon. We love you so very much!

Little cutie cugini! 2 out of 3 ain't bad for looking at the camera

Monday, March 25, 2013

A scarf, some goggles and a couple of cuties

We were in Maryland a couple weekends ago to celebrate Chase's 2nd birthday and while it was only for one night, it was a great trip made up of great memories. First was the scarf. Or scarves I guess since each girl received one from my mom. My girls love getting all fancied up from time to time (don't we all) and they were gaga over the Hello Kitty scarf my mom picked up for them.

I think you can see where the "goggles" portion of the subject line comes from. Olivia found these goggles from her last visit back in February and she loved them. Was walking around most of the afternoon with them on and even had lunch with them too. We didn't let her bring them home with us since they were Zio's and you never know when you might need a pair of goggles.

Anyway, she found them within minutes of walking in the house this visit and we had to beg to get her to finally take them off before bed. She is pretty cute though.

My little beauty.

Oh, what's that you say? Her bangs. Yes, she has "bangs" now since she cut her own hair at school one afternoon. Pretty proud of herself and while I was not happy she did it, she managed to keep them pretty straight even if they are about two inches too short. She's still my little beauty though.

Some heels, goggles and a scarf. My little fashionista.

Almost time for bed and look who comes home from work! One of their favorite Zios! They are always all smiles with Zio Antonio.

Baking with Nonna Lisa the next morning...yummy! Notice Olivia is also doing a little taste-testing too. She just wants to be certain.

Tired from baking...she's ready to try out the food. That's my girl!

More to come from our night away to Maryland. Pictures of Chase's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bunnies on parade

A little crafting fun today with a play date we hosted at the house this morning carried over into the evening with Anthony and Alessandra too. I made mine (second from the right) last night to just figure out the particulars for the kids this morning and then Olivia made hers this morning with her friends. Hers is the one directly in the middle. Sofia made hers after coming home from school - second from the left and daddy (left) and Alessandra (right) did theirs after dinner.

Used what we had around the house and I think they came out pretty cute. Wish I had taken pictures of the kids doing them this morning but I had glue all over my fingers and wasn't about to touch my camera. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A springy weekend

I realize it's almost the weekend again, but I'm just getting around to posting about our amazing past weekend. I've thought back to it often because it really was incredible from start to finish and it's made me happy to have made those memories with my family.

Starting Friday after picking up the girls from school with a playdate with good friends to burn some much-needed energy to Saturday morning at the park with school friends, lunch at Ruby's followed by a fabulous dinner and play time with more good friends. Then Sunday morning the girls couldn't have been better at church after a late night AND with the time change. I was already grinning ear to ear and then we set off to Linvilla Orchards for the afternoon.

Our first visit of the year and excited to have taken our friend visiting from Italy, Alessandra. This was her visit to Linvilla and how appropriate that we should try out the wire maze and get totally lost in it. The girls enjoyed it until they thought we were stuck for good and once we figured it out they were ok. It was hysterical.

Off to feed the animals. Happy to get to show Zia Alessandra a favorite spot of ours.

Not very nice manners sticking his tongue out for the camera.


A stop to admire the flowers, I am SO ready for Spring, and then inside the market to indulge in some home-grown goodness and of course, the bakery. A favorite stop for the girls when visiting Linvilla.

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