Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Halloween Parade

The girls had their Halloween parade and parties at school today and while the rain kept them inside, it did nothing to hide their beautiful smiles and good times. The kids were all so cute, but I'm partial to the pink fairy and rockstar!

Olivia's preschool class

My little rockstar!

Sofia's 1st grade class, missed them all sitting nicely by 30 seconds! Oh well, they were all so cute and had a lot of fun!

Time to shuffle between Olivia's classroom and Sofia's class party. Mommy was hustling to make sure I got to spend time with both girls but we all had fun and I love how happy they were and how much fun they were having.

Happy almost-Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

An afternoon trip to Gallipoli

Back to some Italia pictures!

One day after lunch, we all set out for Gallipoli. Anthony and I had been before but this was a first trip for the girls and they loved it. Hot summer afternoon walking around an old town, stopping for gelato and enjoying just being together. Can't ask for anything more. Except for maybe more gelato!

Checking out sea life.

I love random little streets in Italian towns. Speckled with cracking paint, hanging laundry and sometimes if you're lucky a vespa or cinquecento also.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy 10 year anniversary to us!

I can't believe it's been 10 years since we got married. Sometimes it feels like I've known Anthony a lot longer and sometimes it feels like just yesterday. 2, almost 3 kids later, countless trips to Italy, road trips, date nights, family time spent together plus much, much more happy memories made.

I love you!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beach Babes

Lots of time spent at the beach this past summer in Italy which is ideal since the girls enjoy it so much. Notice the thick layering of sunscreen on my little girls...we are totally America! Italians aren't quite as cautious as us but that's ok because with our fair skin I can't even imagine my little ones getting a sunburn.

Sofia took the camera away from me to snap one of a pregnant mama not too happy with getting her picture taken.

Palms in Italia

I love telling people about the palm trees in Italy, most just don't expect it with the typical rolling hills and ancient alley scenes you see everywhere. But yes, there are palm trees in Italy and boy are they beautiful! Rival the most scenic spots in the Caribbean.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Buon Compleanno to Nonna Linda

Today we celebrate the birthday of Anthony's Nonna Linda, the girls' bis-nonna. This is the last picture we took with her in 2012 before she passed away later that year. So many great memories made with her and my girls and proud of my little family to remember her still.

Some pictures from this past summer and visiting Nonna Linda at the cemetary. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

San Cosimo

Whew! Finally some more pictures from our trip to Italy! Man is this taking me a long time.

We go just about every trip over in the summer to San Cosimo. My nonna used to make a pilgrimage there each year and it's nice that we've continued the tradition. Beautiful church visit followed by the zoo and then the market. But unfortunately this year we found that the zoo has been closed. I mean, so sad that they couldn't keep it open due to lack of funds since it was such a ritual for us when we lived there to visit the church, go to the zoo and then to the market before heading back home.

The girls have been in the past so I'm glad they were able to experience it but still such a shame.

A trip to the market after the visit to the church always proves successful. Great stands of olives, nuts, sweets. Someone is sure to find something they love.

Love that Olivia is trying so hard to squeeze every last bit of hug out of her sister.

Say Cheese Mama!

A trip to Frecon Farms!

This past weekend we were really in the Fall spirit and headed out to a new-to-us farm for some apple and pumpkin picking with friends. Frecon Farms located in Boyertown, PA is about a 50 minute drive but was completely worth the trip to see a new place and have a new experience. We first went to their adorable little country store and picked out our pumpkins and then we set off to the farm for some apple picking fun.

The girls loved it!

Biggest squash EVER!

Getting started on the pick-your-own apples.

They had a pickfest going on this past weekend as well so we got to experience a fun kids area, vendors and music in addition to picking our own apples.

Oh, and there were hay bales too for the girls to climb up and jump around on.

My adorable little apple-pickers!

Music going on during the pickfest. How cool that they bands are set up on a farm truck.

Always fun to try out new places. Fun with friends, great weather after a week of rain and some delicious apples to bring home!

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