Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dirt Pie for Earth Day

We didn't get all crazy on Monday celebrating Earth Day but I did make a fun little dessert for us to enjoy. Easy and delicious!

package of Oreos
15 graham crackers
chocolate pudding mix
milk for chocolate pudding
crushed chocolate pieces
gummy worms

Place Oreos in a large ziplock bag, seal and crush away. Do the same for the graham crackers in a separate ziplock bag. Make chocolate pudding according to package instructions.

Grab some small cups and spoon in crushed Oreos and pack down into bottom of cup. Spoon in a layer of the chocolate pudding and then the crushed graham crackers right on top of that. Throw in some of the chocolate crushed pieces just for an added little surprise. Repeat with Oreos, pudding and graham crackers for one more layer but top off dessert with crushed Oreos. Pack down a bit and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

When ready to serve, place some gummy worms on top and ENJOY!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sofia plays soccer!

There you have it, proof that Sofia is "playing" soccer. She was less than thrilled when we signed her up but after a couple "games/practices" I think she's beginning to enjoy it. Or at the very least, enjoy being outside, running around and smiling.

Now if we could just get her to start kicking the ball in the direction of the appropriate goals.

Baby steps.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing Mason Robert Pitocco

April 13, 2013 Scott and Chaela welcomed their second little baby boy into this world and goodness is he ADORABLE! Those hands, all that hair, those little stinking cute!

Anthony and I went to the hospital yesterday and it was difficult to leave. Just a relaxed little bean and barely made two sounds while we were there visiting. Already excited to see him again and spend some more time snuggling with this bundle of cuteness!

Sweet newborn sleeping.

Congratulations to my brother and his wife, love you guys so much and now there is just more of your family to love!

Peanut Butter and Birdseed feeder

The girls were in Maryland this past weekend hanging out with Nonna, Nonno, Zio Antonio and Chase. They had a great time and yesterday we went down to pick them up and meet our new nephew (pictures to come!). Nonna Lisa made a little craft with them and the girls were beyond excited. Any opportunity to do something crafty and they're in.

Nonna used a toilet paper roll, peanut butter, birdseeds and a piece of ribbon. Easy peasy and totally fun for the girls. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

tiny dancer...part 2

tiny dancer

Olivia had an observation day at ballet last week and when I say it was the most adorable thing, I totally mean it. It was crazy cute. She was all excited to wear a new "real" ballerina leotard with skirt and to show off for an extra couple of people. Daddy and Nonna Maria.

I know I'm a doting and proud mama, but this girl is good at ballet and loves everything about it. Getting dressed in her special outfit, the music, her teachers and naturally the dancing.

Afterwards we took her out for a special lunch to a new place in the area and we all LOVED it. Sofia had already been once before with Daddy and we knew she loved it, but Olivia was very excited to try it out herself.

Can you tell by that grin?

And not to mention they have incredible custard. Add rainbow sprinkles and you have one very happy almost 4-year-old.

Dancing, good food and lots of fun makes for one tired little girl.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love. Family. Ice cream cake.

Overdue but heartfelt just the same. A couple pictures from our Easter in Maryland. Cousins, legos and singing "Happy Birthday!" to two of my favorite people.

Oh, what nice pictures of Sofia and her parents on Easter Sunday. Doesn't she look adorable and so 6 years old? Still having trouble saying "6" instead of 5. 6 sounds old. She's healing up very well after having some minor dermatology surgery, my little girl was so brave. Mama not so much. But we're only a couple days away from stitches being removed so no more bandage on the neck. Yay!

Where's Olivia you ask? We came home from mass with my family and she couldn't wait to start playing. She was being difficult. Loves getting dressed up and getting her picture taken. But apparently not on Easter morning for our annual family picture. 

Look who's all smiles for the camera now?! Stinker. Cards and legos while getting the food ready.

Cutie Cugini!! My girls with my god-children. Wish we were able to see them more. Love those little faces all together.

Concentrating hard. We discovered Legos over Christmas and they are now a staple in our home. Which is great since it's good independent play for the girls and mommy and daddy even sneak in some time helping to put things together too.

Don't mind the half-dressed Barbie doll on the table next to my tiara-wearing-lego-concentraing 3 and a half year old.

Good mommy-daughter time putting together a new lego set received in her Easter basket.

And here comes the cuteness. My brother and his son. They are beyond words together. Scott is a fantastic father and Chase is one lucky little boy. And so adorable too. He says "Ya-Ya" really well and is talking up a storm.


Another favorite from Easter and birthday's past. Sofia and Zio Scott's birthday are just days apart so that usually means we can celebrate them together which is more the fun for everyone. And Scott doesn't do cake and we all know Sofia likes anything with sugar in it, so ice cream cake it is for these birthday buddies.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A very busy day

The morning started off with some traditional Easter baking...

followed by meeting friends for some Easter games and a Egg "hunt"...

The eggs weren't hidden at all but the girls had fun running in with the other kids (and parents) picking up some eggs.

And they're off! It was amazing how many parents entered the roped off area to help their kids get as many eggs as possible. At a certain point, I couldn't see the girls because the parents were towering over the little kids enjoying an Easter tradition. Says a lot for a generation when the parents are constantly doing everything for the kids, even picking up eggs that aren't even hidden and are laying in plain site to be picked up. But I'll save that rant for some other time.

Happy little girls who enjoyed getting into the "hunt" without mommy or daddy to help them.

Now it was time for some fun at the park! A short walk...

followed by fun on the swings and jungle gym. See even 17 year olds know how to have fun at the park.

Nonna Lisa made Sofia a special cake for her birthday...nutella!!! Yummy! Only my children don't eat nutella. They have tried it on several occasions but do not care for it. Yet. More for mommy!

Early evening we dyed some eggs. Who doesn't have fun doing that?!

Some of the sparkle wound up on my sparkly girl. Smiles all around for a great busy day!

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