Monday, August 15, 2016

Ostuni - la citta bianca

The girls and I went with my friends to visit the beautiful city of Ostuni, also known as La Citta Bianca, the white city. I've been before during the day and in the evening, but each time is like a new experience in the things you see and are a part of. Such a pretty city set up on a hill overlooking the sea. This time was a late night visit but late nights in the summer still mean people out and about enjoying life. And gelato. Gelato is good at any time of day.

I love the structures in Ostuni, so beautiful, so creative, so old. Each balcony, column, cobblestone walkway and alley all done with a purpose to preserve beauty.

I could have spent a lot of time in this antique store. I love antique stores in general, but an antique store in Italy, I could get lost in there in no time.

This ladder/plant artwork on the wall of a restaurant was incredible. So unique, simple and a great effect. Definitely caught my eye.

Loved this sign. It's only missing 'Philadelphia 7,442 k'

Adore random old bikes with basket of flowers leaning against walls. Especially when the tires are flat.

My girlfriend and my Olivia. I love how much my friends love my kids.

Amici in Ostuni! The girls loved staying out late and roaming the old streets with friends. They felt at place and oohed and ahhed over everything.

And this couple sitting on the steps. Not sure if they were husband/wife, father/daughter, friends, neighbors. But whatever they are to one another, I love them in this picture. They complete this picture for me.

If ever in Puglia, visit Ostuni by day or by night, or better yet BOTH! You will not be sorry for around each corner is something beautiful to take into your heart.

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