Saturday, March 29, 2014

The girl that stole our heart

Sofia Vincenza turns 7 today! March 29, 2007 seems like just yesterday. Anthony and I getting ready to become parents and had no idea what we were getting into.

My happy little girl. So silly, determined, creative and whom I can not thank enough for making me a mama.

Love you Sofia mia.

Partners in crime. Not having a sister myself, I love seeing their relationship grow. Ups and downs can't keep them apart and I love them so much together.

And Sofia who never wanted to hold a newborn, so in love with her baby brother. Wants to hold him all the time, reads to him, helps with diaper changes, sings to him when he's fussing. I now love that she always said no to everyone else's newborn and asking for her to hold them but she can't get enough of Mario.

First birthday celebration with cugino Chase and Zio Scotty.

I love who this girl is so much.

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