Sunday, June 15, 2014

my prima ballerina

We celebrated Sofia's ballet recital last weekend and she had so much fun. One evening consisted of the rehearsal where I was able to take some pictures during their rehearsal and even videotape it. Here's my big girl watching the other classes rehearse:

On the ride to rehearsal she told me she had butterflies in her tummy. So cute. I think this picture you can definitely tell she was a little nervous.

But the day of the recital came and she said she wasn't as nervous anymore. Just like that! Here she is at the house just before leaving with Leandro who's in town for work. He wasn't able to make it to the recital but we made sure to get a picture of him and our little ballerina before he headed off to the airport.

Seconds before going backstage with the other ballerinas. She looked so beautiful!

Flowers! And great sister hugs! Olivia is her biggest fan and was so good for the two and a half hour show.

Nonna Lisa made it up for the recital with a family friend too!

La famiglia!

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