Tuesday, June 9, 2015

oh, what a weekend!

This past weekend couldn't have gotten more fun. Last day of Kindergarten and the closing ceremony was full of smiles and even some tears (on my part listening to my little girl deliver her line perfectly and watching her accept her Kindergarten certificate. When did she get so big?!

My girl loved her teachers this year! Sofia's same teachers two years ago.

Then it was ballet, ballet, ballet around the house. Rehearsals on Saturday and recitals on Sunday. I'm getting great at making those ballet buns.

Nonna and Nonno came up from Maryland for the shows.

My loves after Sofia's recital...that's right the girls did not perform at the same show. We were there all afternoon. But it was worth it.

Zia Paola, Uncle Danny and kids came to the shows too! A little taste of what might be in store for them one day.

La Famiglia

Someone loves the camera. Of course they all do since it's constantly out and in their faces. But he can now say "cheese!"

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