Friday, June 2, 2017

Ciao and Arrivederci

I love Mario's imagination. Truthfully I have to say that I feel as if all three kids have wonderful imaginations and come up with some pretty great stuff. Some I remember to jot down, record or photograph and others unfortunately come and go.

Mario tagged along with me to my dentist appt this morning and brought with him his blue little car for zooming through the office. But once it was my turn to go back, he ditched the car in my purse and asked the dentist for a balloon. He had remembered the last time when he came and was being good, she rewarded him with a latex glove balloon and he was completely excited about the prospects of getting a new one.  And he was good and so he got another one. She sat with him, drew a face on the balloon and they named him together. She overheard us counting in Italian and so she asked him what name they should give and that it had to be an Italian name. I'm not sure where it came from but "Nunzio" was henceforth Mario's new balloon pal. 

We had errands to run afterwards and Mario told him all about the errands. We were setting up for lunch and Mario chatted on to Nunzio about lunch plans. We ate outside in the sunny weather and Nunzio heard all about it. Later as I was cleaning up from lunch, Mario comes in the kitchen to throw out a deflated Nunzio. I'm not going to lie, I was a little sad for Mario since he had a great couple of hours with him but he said "that's ok mommy, he's a balloon." My son is obviously smarter than I am.

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