Tuesday, November 24, 2009

look through the window

I love to try to get the girls in the fresh air for a little bit every day, but sometimes it's just not going to happen. Either the cold, wet weather is keeping us in or an awful runny nose that Sofia has had all weekend. Either way, the room we spend the most time in on the first floor gets a lot of great, natural light and Sofia loves to look outside and tell me about everything she sees.

What's funny is that even though we're just feet from our neighbor's house and there really isn't all that much to see in my opinion, Sofia sees a lot. She gets excited by the squirrels running around outside, the occasional bunny and leaves falling. She will comment on everything that is going on from a bug she can see flying around or the rain and the big puddles it's making in the grass. My super-observant daughter makes me feel better about the days that I can't get them outdoors. She reminds me that there is still plenty for her to take in and talk about from our very window.

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