Friday, July 2, 2010

little ladies

Love those girls.

I was looking back through the pictures I took when we went to the pool last week and for some reason did not include this one on that post. And what's crazy is I absolutely love this picture! Love those sweet faces, those adorable bathing suits and remembering the smell of suntan lotion mixed with pool water. Another week and it will be suntan lotion mixed with salt water which probably makes my top 10 list of favorite smells. I'll make sure to have one (or two) while I'm there.

Is it weird that I have a Top 10 Favorite Smells list? Ranked somewhere high on that list is definitely calzones from our favorite pizza shop in Mesagne - Alfio's! Yum! You haven't tasted a real calzone until you've tasted one from his place.

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