Wednesday, July 21, 2010

la dolce vita

Just thought I would share a quick post from our Italian vacation. We're about 3 weeks in with another 3 weeks to go. Ahhhh.

Our first 8 days were spent in Abruzzo with Anthony's family. They live in a very small town, Garrano Basso, that sits just outside a very large town, Teramo. We spent the days with Anthony's mom and dad (only my 2nd trip ever with both of my in-laws) and his almost 90-year-old Nonna Linda. The girls had a great time with the family and after a couple days seemed to adjust just fine to the time change. Luckily for us, we had great weather that first stop in Abruzzo so the heat was not a factor during any tantrums or crankiness. We spent 2 nights at the beach which was a ton of fun. Of course, anyone with kids knows that time at the beach now isn't like it used to be prior to having kids. Still, it was fantastic. Sofia loves the sand and Olivia loves the water. We learned very quickly that we wouldn't be sitting back and reading our books and instead kept up with our very active daughters.

We visited with family and friends and even got in a morning trip out to Castelli and San Gabrielle, a must for us every time we visit Abruzzo. Unfortunately, Nonna Linda wasn't feeling her best during our stay but we appreciated the time we did spend with her. Praying that she improves with each day and already looking forward to seeing her again on our next trip.

Now, we're in Puglia with my family. My dad was here as was Anthony. Both have now gotten back to the USA and back to the ol'grind. The girls miss Nonno Nicky and Daddy a lot and I know that they had the best time while they were both here. But we're doing well. Really well actually. The weather has gotten much warmer - thank goodness for AC - and definitely plays a role in what we do each day. But we're dividing our time between family and friends and the beach in the mornings. Mesagne also just celebrated La Madonna del Carmine festival and it was 3 nights of pure fun. Lots of walking, eating and taking in all the festa has to offer.

Sofia's Italian is improving with each day. We have always been speaking with her at home, but now she's hearing it from EVERYONE and soaking it up. In the morning she says "Buon Giorno" and during our walks in the evening, she now addresses everyone with "Buona Sera." It's as cute as it sounds. Olivia just gives everyone her big smile.

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