Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chocolate overload

We had a great Easter in Maryland this past weekend. It was Olivia's first Easter and she had a perfect little day. I had made 1 basket of little goodies for both of the girls to share. Olivia is so small that she was perfectly content with a chocolate bar from the basket my mom made for us. Sofia is crazy about Sesame Street these days and stickers so I made sure to add those two things to the basket and that made for a very happy little 3-year-old. Plus a little box of chocolate, a gardening set and a new book. Happy little girls all around!

A little bit of "sun face" but a cute family picture just the same. And how adorable do Olivia's bare feet look with her Easter dress?!? I had shoes on her for church and had taken them off in the car and decided not to put them back on for the picture. I just want to eat those perfect little feet!

My big princess and little princess

Baby Olivia's first Easter!

1 comment:

  1. Such sweet pics!!! Love the family shot and the one of you and the girls.

    i want to eat Olivia in bunny ears up like she's a chocolate bunny.


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