Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where in the world did August go?!?!

So August came and went without so much as a hello or goodbye. I promise we did stuff and then also had a couple let's-not-do-anything-days too but I just am getting bad at posting. But I am getting great at not feeling bad about it. Sorry Mom, I know you like to see the pictures of the girls.

But we celebrated and documented my birthday. Yay. It's been tradition that even though I say every year I'm going to buy myself a fancy cake for my birthday, the girls and I end up just making one together. Which is fun, they love it and I save some money. Win all around. But we planned a trip to Cape May this year which was from start to finish just a perfect day. Sure the weather wasn't great with some sprinkles here and there, the girls asked way too many times "are we there yet?" and by the time we got home I was so tired and the baby was seriously kicking away probably from all the chocolate I ate from one of the best chocolate shops I've been to in awhile.

After a tasty lunch at Tisha's on the mall where we sat on the porch and took in the whole mall scene, we walked and walked and walked. And of course took in the adorable shops along the mall and some tasty sweets.

Enjoying their souvenirs, Cape May sweatshirts and some delicious sweets.

The Fudge Kitchen, yummy!

There you have it, a great time in Cape May with the family and we're definitely planning on heading back for some more fun.

The next day I received a couple of surprise guests for lunch! How excited was I pulling into the driveway to see my mom and Scott sitting in our backyard. Girls were pretty excited to see them too.

We missed you Dad and Antonio!

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