Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A trip to Frecon Farms!

This past weekend we were really in the Fall spirit and headed out to a new-to-us farm for some apple and pumpkin picking with friends. Frecon Farms located in Boyertown, PA is about a 50 minute drive but was completely worth the trip to see a new place and have a new experience. We first went to their adorable little country store and picked out our pumpkins and then we set off to the farm for some apple picking fun.

The girls loved it!

Biggest squash EVER!

Getting started on the pick-your-own apples.

They had a pickfest going on this past weekend as well so we got to experience a fun kids area, vendors and music in addition to picking our own apples.

Oh, and there were hay bales too for the girls to climb up and jump around on.

My adorable little apple-pickers!

Music going on during the pickfest. How cool that they bands are set up on a farm truck.

Always fun to try out new places. Fun with friends, great weather after a week of rain and some delicious apples to bring home!

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