Tuesday, October 15, 2013

San Cosimo

Whew! Finally some more pictures from our trip to Italy! Man is this taking me a long time.

We go just about every trip over in the summer to San Cosimo. My nonna used to make a pilgrimage there each year and it's nice that we've continued the tradition. Beautiful church visit followed by the zoo and then the market. But unfortunately this year we found that the zoo has been closed. I mean, so sad that they couldn't keep it open due to lack of funds since it was such a ritual for us when we lived there to visit the church, go to the zoo and then to the market before heading back home.

The girls have been in the past so I'm glad they were able to experience it but still such a shame.

A trip to the market after the visit to the church always proves successful. Great stands of olives, nuts, sweets. Someone is sure to find something they love.

Love that Olivia is trying so hard to squeeze every last bit of hug out of her sister.

Say Cheese Mama!

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