Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Welcome back to my blog!

Seeing how Mario Luca will be turning 8 weeks tomorrow, I thought it was about time I get back to blogging. I've had a couple of things to do lately that's kept me away. Namely, having my third.

I guess I should start back my going back to the night before we met our little man. Back to the night it was just two little princesses in the house and one very pregnant mama. That seems like a million years ago right now.

The girls just before lights out and not knowing how their lives were going to be turned upside down (for the best) the next day. Both very excited to finally meet this baby.

The three amigos. My girls. I love them so much. I was very emotional the morning of and leaving the house. My mom was here and in charge of the girls for the next few days while we would be in the hospital but it was still hard leaving them that morning knowing our lives were going to be forever changed in just a few short hours.

And a few short hours later our lives really changed by meeting our son. He wouldn't have a name until the following evening, but little man was here and making sure we could hear him. 20 3/4 inches long and 7lbs, 9 ounces arriving at 10:38am. And look at all that beautiful dark hair!!!

Calmer and oh, so cute.

Finally! I got to meet my son. Still not able to hold him but got to see him up close.

And only another couple hours and I get to hold my son. Man, did that feel like forever!

My girls come to visit!

SO proud of her big sister role, Olivia Maria meets baby brother. Love at first site. For both of them.

The nonnas with the baby. Love this picture!

Meeting Nonno Mario too! Big sister Olivia doesn't move too far from him the entire time.

Baby meets Zia Paola for the first time too!

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