Tuesday, May 11, 2010

of course I'm reminiscing

Olivia's 1st birthday is this weekend and naturally I'm going through pictures of her first few days. Totally getting emotional of how tiny she used to be, how she slept ALL the time and those cute little noises newborns make that completely pull at your heart. Those first days with my baby. Well, my second baby. My first baby was at home with her Nonna Lisa while Anthony and I became acquainted to this new little bundle.

Those 4 days in the hospital seemed to take forever when all I wanted to do was return home to get life started with the whole family. What I didn't realize is that life had already begun the second Olivia came into our world, those first few minutes when all she did was scream and cry.

And then I got to hold her.


  1. Anthony, I agree it does seems like yesterday. Also, her cheeks still look the same and her chin too.


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