Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Finding beauty in the most unlikely places

Walking through Mesagne's centro storico one blazing hot afternoon, I came upon a crack in the wall. Seeing how centro storico is one of the oldest parts of town, there was nothing terribly impressive about this crack considering I saw many others along my walk, but this time I decided to stop to see what I could see. No bigger than a milk carton, but the opening allowed me enough space to see into what now is and allow me to envision what might have been.

A floor rotted away, walls broken and crumbling and some trash littered about the space. But what I really saw was an old brown door that led to a bright opening, covered in a magnificent array of green shrubs. That same door sheltered a living space for someone that may have loved living there. Living in this perfect part of town with this door off their room that led up some old stone steps to a sun drenched haven. Their sun drenched haven.

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