Monday, May 3, 2010

Three little fingers and a contest

One of my favorite blogs to check out often is Bleeding Espresso. Michelle lives in Calabria, Italy and I love reading about her daily musings on life there and her posts on some very delicious-sounding recipes. And I love all things Italian, so it just makes sense. Well, she just recently posted about a contest over at She Who Blogs that I thought would be fun to enter. Frances is celebrating her 3rd blog-iversary and she is holding a photo contest as part of the celebrations.

The theme for the contest is "three" and as soon as I read that, I thought of this picture of Sofia. Each year we've taught her "how many" she's going to be on her birthday and "3" this year took some practicing on her part. I had asked her in this picture to show me how old she was going to be on her birthday and her little hands in the air were just so sweet to me.

Definitely check out both blogs when you get a chance. I know I will be adding She Who Blogs to my reader now!


  1. adorable! when she turns five she won't have to hold her fingers down like that.

    great entry for the contest, good luck


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