Thursday, June 6, 2013

Antonio graduates from high school!

We were in Maryland earlier this week for a quick trip so I could attend Antonio's high school graduation ceremony. The girls were bummed not to go but with well over 500 kids graduating, they wouldn't have been able to sit still for as long as they would have needed to.

Yes, that's what 500+ kids look like.

My brother is just about 6 feet 5 inches so he's not difficult to pick out of crowd especially when they were standing.

So serious about to receive his diploma.

Woohoo! No more books, no more teachers dirty looks..oh wait, he still has college to get through!

Happy little Mason!

Happy parents to have their last kid finished high school. Now it's time for college!

Mason was the only grandkid to make it to the ceremony, lucky little guy!

Love this picture! Congratulations to Antonio!

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  1. I love my kids sooooooooooo much and I am so very proud of them. Best Wishes, Antonio


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