Monday, August 25, 2014

Another year older...

I celebrated my birthday last week and we really had a fun day. Began with breakfast out with the family, then Starbucks and then followed by a trip to the zoo which was a surprise for the girls. The weather was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a nicer time with my family. Emails, texts, calls and cards all helped to make the day just really sweet. Along with flowers from a friend and a huge chocolate kiss from my father-in-law. I'm sure my little girls will help me gobble that up!

Some of our favorite sites from the day...

We don't normally buy something for the girls each visit to the zoo, but that day was a special day and I let Olivia pick out something each for them and she chose butterfly nets which surprisingly are a huge hit still in the house.

Checking out the tortoises.

Mario was awesome all day. He slept through breakfast, napped on the ride to the zoo and was bright-eyed and smiling all the walk through. Such a little happy guy. Of course, he had plenty to be entertained about. A gorgeous day just shy of school starting up again makes for a busy day at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Olivia loved the turtles!

Someone was very excited for the reptile house this time around. Sofia loved seeing the snakes and the huge crocodile.

Mommy and the kids

My little man and I

The only thing I really asked for on my birthday was...a nap. And I got it! So did Mario...

and Olivia.

I usually bake the cakes for birthdays in the family including myself, but this year I said I wasn't going to bake mine mainly because I didn't have the time and I knew we would be indulging in plenty of other things. But Anthony, with some help from the girls, baked me a rainbow cake. It was delicious! Anthony might be baking the cakes from here on out.

Great day from beginning to end with my family! Feeling blessed.

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