Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Palumbi's visit Disney!

We had our very first family trip to Walt Disney World a couple weeks ago and the smiles on our kids faces will stay with me forever. The girls were in complete shock, we had agreed to tell them the morning we were leaving and they really had no idea. They stared at us in complete surprise just asking "really?" a few times over with huge smiles on their faces.

After a relatively short flight which consisted of 2.5 hours of the girls just talking non-stop about what we would do, we landed and arrived at our gorgeous hotel. 3 nights of sheer fun, no cooking and cleaning and lots and lots of walking.

First character they met was Tinkerbell. And so set in the complete shock of seeing these characters up close and personal for the girls, it was so cute to see them actually tongue-tied at meeting some of their favorite characters.



Throw in a bunch of are the girls and I on the Dumbo ride.

And not to be forgotten, the famous sisters...

I wish I could poetically describe their excitement at meeting these two. Wait was not long at all but I feel like I would have waited longer for the smiles Anna and Elsa brought these two. And the giddiness afterwards too!

What a good boy. Didn't want him to miss out on our first family trip to Disney and he was just perfect. Enjoyed it all and napped well in the stroller when he needed to.

Waiting on the parade to begin...I can't even begin to tell you the look on the kids' faces when each float or character would pass by and their excitement. The music, dancing and staff involved brought such big smiles to their faces. Worth every penny.

Last but certainly not least, the real stars of Disney World...Mickey and Minnie!

The next day we were at Epcot and they loved it too! Lots of great rides and science showcases. AND the Wine and Food festival was going on too. A win for mommy and daddy!

World Showcase, really a plus for the kids!

He wasn't bored with the place, he was just so good for us to take his regular nap while we strolled around everywhere.

The girls were excited to visit Italy!

Outside America...

I think this was Japan.

Leaving! All good things must come to an end and we left with great memories and hopes to return again one day soon.

November was the perfect time for us to go, decorations for Christmas were up, weather was perfect and not the crowds we were expecting so I guess it's the ideal time for crowds too. All in all, a very magical experience for the family!

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