Monday, November 30, 2015

Benvenuti a Alba Adriatica

A happy place within our happy place...Alba Adriatica. The kids love coming here and what's not to love..the view from our balcony, the delicious pizza and gelato around every corner or even simply, the beach. They love the beach! We were able to spend some time with Nonno Mario and Nonna Maria in our days in Alba this past summer and I just love love love this picture of Mario and Mario on the balcony. Mario²

Pensive little tilt to the head looking out onto the street below.

Really enjoying his apricot. This kid loves fruit and really enjoyed all the fresh frutta we had this summer!

And these girls...they love the beach, playing in the sand, eating gelato, watching the people pass by from the balcony, everything. You name it and they appreciate it about this spot.

A veteran Alba vacationer. And proud of it too.

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