Thursday, December 3, 2015

Family Pictures

One of my absolute favorite traditions over Thanksgiving weekend is getting our pictures taken for our Christmas card. Scott always does this for us and they've always been amazing, real memories to hold onto forever. Even though I plan the outfits and picture location, you can't plan the sentiment that comes out of driving around with 3 kids and your brother trying to get a family picture. "Do we have to take another picture?, "I'm hungry", "It's cold", "Another picture, didn't we take 100 already?" and that's just from my husband. Ha, just kidding. But it's funny how no matter how you prep the kids for about an hour of their time, have snacks at the ready and on cold days, keep them warm while outside, moods are bound to hit a wall.

Thankfully, we do get our pictures done in a relatively quick amount of time since I already have an idea of what I'm looking for, our weather the day we went this year was perfect for being outdoors without heavy coats and the promise of lunch and trampoline time at my brother's house post-pictures was enough of a bribe to keep the kids smiling. And the husband smiling too.

Of course, we wouldn't have our tradition without including a couple outtakes from the shoot. 

Everyone looking in the same direction and smiling too!?!? I love it!

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