Friday, December 18, 2015

Where did my one year old go?

What a year of having fun, jumping and running after everyone. 
Smiling, giggling, lots of laughter. Hugs and kisses, new sights, new words. 
Holding our hands, clinging our legs. Loving getting snuggled in our bed. 
Climbing up chairs, loving his building blocks. Chasing sisters around the rooms. 
Playing, reading, getting bold. This has been our year with our one year old. 

Bittersweet day for me as my youngest turns two. Each second of his two years in our home and in our hearts has been a blessing. It was only yesterday we brought him home and only yesterday we celebrated his first year. How can it be that today we're celebrating my two year old's birthday?! They don't lie when EVERYONE tells you it goes fast.

I love my little sparkplug, my little shadow, my burst of energy, my little man. 
Happy Birthday Mario Luca. Mama loves you.

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