Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and I wake up looking forward to it each and every morning.  I eat the same thing almost everyday during the week and it helps to keep me going through to lunch with minimal snacking. I'm a crazy snacker but I find on the days I stick with this breakfast, that I can make it to lunch with no bad attitude due to a growling belly. I've been known to be in a bad mood when I am hungry so I try to avoid that by sticking with things that work for me.

My DIY Starbucks Mocha - delicious! 

A tablespoon (or more) of Hershey's Dark Special Dark Chocolate Syrup , a shot of decaf espresso (only the good kind brought back right from Italy, but you can purchase on Amazon too), 1 cup of steamed and frothed milk and a swirl of whipped topping. No extra sugar needed and almost as good as the one at Starbucks!

I love making espresso on my stove-top espresso machine, the beautiful aroma coming from my stove is amazing and brings me back to Italy each and every time I use it. I think it's time to clean the base of the outside of it, don't you?

And now for the main attraction...oatmeal and fruit! Yummy! I use the Quaker Instant just to save time, but found a great recipe on Pinterest for mornings when I don't feel rushed. Add some raisins, blueberries and sliced banana and I'm good to go. Delicious and filling!

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