Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ice Cream Truck Smiles!

It has begun. Nearing dinner or bedtime and you hear the tune. The kids hear the tune before you even hear it which is amazing because when I call them from one room over, they say they didn't hear me calling them. But no, the tune goes through the neighborhood and they hear it calling to them. They immediately start doing some odd ice cream dance luring the tune closer to our street. Then you see it. The big white truck, painted ice cream cones on the side and the colorful display of sweet offerings. I couldn't resist tonight. They all endured a 5 mile walk this morning a special cause and they were pretty good sports about it. Especially after they found out it was 5 miles and not a 5k like we initially thought. Good weather, better company and a very worthwhile fundraiser. So, they deserved this ice cream treat.

And honestly, Mario seeing the ice cream truck up close and personal, asking the driver about the music and just so excited about all the options, made it worth it for me too. 

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