Monday, April 24, 2017

sweet spring

And it seems that while Winter never wanted to end, teasing us with warm days late in the season and then immediately followed by snow or blustery winds, Spring has sprung. Sometimes it feels as if it happens overnight when you know it does not. Like most things, it takes time.

We seem to go from one day of bare, brown lonely looking branches, shriveled bushes and downcast plants to tiny little buds emerging, varying shades of green seeping its way into the light and finally, finally everything is in bloom. Colors firework there way into our paths. The grass takes on the green lush hue of Spring, bees are beginning to buzz again while butterflies flit about.

Gardeners are out in full force, birds are looking for spaces to occupy their nests and soon thereafter, their eggs. Ladybugs are spied and butterflies chased. Tis the season, the sweet season of Spring!

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