Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I took this little video yesterday afternoon as soon as we heard the wonderful news that Simon had arrived! The three of us went last night to visit the newest member of the family and he slept the entire time we were there!! Great news for Paola and Dan that they have a good sleeper on their hands, but I wanted some one-on-one time so he could become well acquainted with his Zia Lisa!

Sofia enjoyed running around the maternity ward and every once in awhile coming back to inspect on the little man. She's going to be a great big cousin!


  1. This is too cute. I showed Ethan (Phia!) and when it ended, he said "more"- and I ended up having to play it like six times for him.

  2. HAHA! That's awesome! We'll have to get them together again soon!


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