Thursday, June 10, 2010

the girl with the long hair

My little girl's hair is getting so long. I braid it each night before bed and the braid itself extends past the middle of her back. She loves hair accessories and makes a big deal to Anthony and I whenever she's wearing a pretty bow or headband. Then we, in turn, make a big deal of how beautiful she looks and her smile gets even bigger. Such a girly-girl, my little lovebug.

This was my favorite picture of the bunch I took this morning. She just woke up and had just gotten changed, hadn't even had breakfast yet and still has this great smile on her face. Love my happy little girl.

A summer haircut is planned for next weekend...stay tuned for pictures of a shorter-haired, but just as adorable Sofia Vincenza!


  1. she is so beautiful!! I love and miss Drew's long hair so much. Sniff. Can't wait to see her new do!

  2. Thanks girls! I love her hair too, but I thought a short cut for the summer would be cute too. We'll see. She's seems to be on board for it too b/c we've been talking about since Scott's wedding now. I'll make sure to post pics!!


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