Tuesday, June 8, 2010

how i love starting my mornings...

I recently starting having a cappuccino most mornings and I'm loving it. I've never had a cup of coffee in my life and yes, I do realize that there is espresso in a cappuccino, but it really is more frothed milk than anything else. Oh and sugar. Love me some sugar in my cappuccino.

Anyway, the smell of the brewing espresso on the stove in the morning is enough to perk me up but the taste is incredible too. I wouldn't say that it's giving me that much of a boost of energy - I was thinking I would be prepared to run a half-marathon or something - but it's good. Makes me feel like I'm waking up in Italy. Which I will be doing in just a few weeks.

This face also helps to give me the boost I need for the day ahead...

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