Monday, June 21, 2010

walking tall

Olivia turned 13 months old last week and decided to start walking. She was just standing and cruising around the room and then all of a sudden turns around and takes a step. The excitement in the room was incredible! I think we scared her because she wasn't willing to do it again right away. But a little bit later she got her courage back and stood up next to the wall and turned and walked a few more steps.

You could just see in her sweet little face that she had done something amazing. She totally knew that she did something huge and that we were so proud of our little baby girl.

This is all going too fast. She can't be walking now, she's still my little baby. Baby or not, Miss Olivia has been making steps everyday and not letting anything get in her way. Big sister Sofia has picked up on that fact that this is a big deal too and points out each time Olivia takes a small step.

Walking takes a lot out on a little person.


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