Saturday, September 6, 2014

Older siblings to the rescue!

Sofia had just turned 2 when Olivia was born and thankfully at an age where she was beginning to understand more right from wrong and developing her learning and listening skills. Sofia still got a lot of attention being that she was only 2 and needed it more than a newborn baby did. Olivia wasn't a fussy baby and slept and ate well from early on which also made it easy for Anthony and I to focus more on the big sister and Olivia chilled out nearby.

Getting pregnant a third time I was a little anxious to how both would react to a newborn in the house. They're both older and definitely understand right from wrong, but they still need attention too and I was concerned what they would think when they saw us, and others too, fussing over the baby. Honestly, I didn't need to be worried at all for these last 8 and a half months. Being 7 and 5 allows us to be able to talk to the girls in a way that they get why the baby cries, needs alone time or just wants to cuddle with mommy or daddy. Having said that though, we still almost daily need to have those talks with the girls so they understand more about their baby brother and why certain things happen. But it's easier having those conversations now that we've gone through it once with a two-year-old.

Both girls have really gone full speed ahead on being a good older sister to their baby brother.

Just a few things that they can do really well with him without me going into panic mode:

Sofia loves reading to him, anything from his little baby books to her chapter books:

- they both set him up on the floor with his toys to hopefully deter him from getting into whatever non-baby toy they are playing with:

-  they amuse him being silly:

Ok, I get easily amused by them too!

It's important for us to have these regular conversations on having a baby in the house and what it means for all of us but I don't want them to think he's made of glass also. Sofia is comfortable carrying him for short distances and definitely gets vocal if she is having trouble or he is too squirmy. Olivia is comfortable just sitting on the floor with him on her lap and we definitely don't push it with her and know her comfort zone well. She's happier just crawling after him or playing with him on the floor.

It's a huge help to me while I'm doing a small chore or in the kitchen nearby, to know that he's well looked after by his big sisters. I'm always within earshot of them playing and my girls know to get me in the event that something is wrong. Or if they just want to show off that they've dressed him up in their dress up clothes for the millionth time. Something they have way too much fun doing. 

Some pictures from a few days ago...big sisters really enjoyed playing dress-up with little brother...

teething babies and their sisters things...

fun with his big sister Olivia

he didn't seem to mind too much though.

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