Monday, September 15, 2014

A trip to San Cosimo and a cake!

Each year in Mesagne, we visit the shrine of San Cosimo e Damiano just outside the city of Oria. These two saints were my Nonna's patron saints and a pilgrimage she used to make on foot each year, about 20 kilometers. There used to be a zoo within the site and I'm sad to say that last year they closed it down due to lack of funds. It was small, but so perfect. I have fond memories of visiting San Cosimo and making our traditional visit to the church, taking a walk through the zoo and then strolling the little market. Glad my girls were able to visit the zoo but sad that Mario will only have our pictures of the zoo to talk about with his sisters.

Love his little face peeking out here, clearly it was time for him to nap.

The girls and I decided to make a cake for a neighbor for her birthday and while I handled the actual baking part, I let the girls decorate it on their own. Needless to say, they were so excited. Give my girls some icing and sprinkles and you'll make them very happy.

Mario enjoyed watching them make a mess, I mean masterpiece!

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