Monday, April 20, 2015

a lot of pictures...

April has been busy and it's not even over yet. I love it though because thankfully it's been all good things that we look forward to...

Grandparent's Day at the girls' school...

celebrating Sofia's birthday along with Zio Scotty and Mason's in Maryland...

Easter, of course was super fun in Maryland...I love Olivia's little Easter bunny drawing she did in art class

Easter family picture...

Nonna and Nonno with the kids, everyone's smiling - I love it!

Me and my not so little brother

Father Pat was in town again for Easter this year and we enjoyed spending time with him!

These kids love their Zios!

Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard!

Mason checking out his loot!

The hammock was pulled out again for the season, the kids enjoy this so much.

Silly Zio Scotty, I do love this picture though!

I adore these kids. Missing a couple here though...

Happy Grandparents and their grandchildren

Funny Face picture!

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