Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hanging out with my 16-month-old

I love this kid so much. He is just changing so much day to day and I feel like I'm enjoying one thing so much about him and then there's something else happening and moving us right along and now he's 16 months old. Sigh. Goes too fast.

But I'm a lucky lady that I get so spend my days with him and I wouldn't trade them for anything. He is definitely a mamma's boy...and a daddy's boy and a sister's boy too. Loves us all and gives the sweetest little hugs and kisses. Laughs at his sisters making funny faces, giggles when daddy tickles him and brings me a book and climbs on my lap for a little snuggle.

Climbing on EVERYTHING! Has mastered all the chairs and sofas in the house as well as the piano bench. Our little pianist in training...

I love my son.

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