Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My baby is getting big...

Well, Mario went and did it. Grew out of his infant car seat and I was a mess. If you've been reading the blog even off and on, you had to have known what a sap I am. Yes, I documented him playing with his car seat before we put it away for good. And yes, for good. I think my baby making days are done. Cue sniffles.

We took out the big car seat and set it up for him in the car and I almost had a meltdown. How's that for turning the tables? Now my kids had to calm me down from a mini tantrum. But as soon as we had him in the big car seat, I was sad that I didn't take last pictures of him in it in the car. Rather than take out the big car seat and put back the baby car seat, I set up a mini photo shoot in the house with him and it instead. He had so much fun and honestly later that day it bought me a few minutes to prep in the kitchen while he happily played away. Why do they need toys?

I'm big on milestones. Of course there are the more common first teeth pictures, first hair cuts, first steps and first day of school. But what about the lasts too? They're pretty noteworthy in my book. Sometimes you won't know it's the last time until you're sitting there trying to think of the last time they ate baby food or the last time they wore a diaper. It's a big deal when they've moved onto table foods or are wearing big kid underwear. But those lasts will get to you too. Those last days of a pacifier, last days of staying snuggled after nursing or last days needing help up and down the steps.

Whether it's in a journal or snapping a picture, document those last days of babyhood. The squeaky toy hanging from the carseat that "talked" to them while cruising around town. Yes, I even wanted to take a picture of it hanging there. It's a nice reminder of our baby days. Now there are books and toys in the car where the baby toys used to be.

Everyone says it and I remind myself of it every single day. They grow fast. Too fast. Those firsts are amazing - you're excited for them, they're excited for themselves and you're excited for yourself too. You did it, you're parenting. They're up and doing something new already, moving onto the next step and going full steam ahead. They don't look back. You're running to keep up, steering them in the right direction and keeping by their side. You don't want to blink sometimes. But of course you have to because you're eyes start to hurt a little and tear up. Oh wait, I am blinking through it all, just tearing up because my baby is getting big.

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