Friday, April 24, 2015

Mesagne, Mesagne, Mesagne

I love Mesagne. The town where my mom was born and raised and where I was raised for about 11 years. I have really loved taking my family back each year and feel so fortunate that we can make this trip to spend with family and friends. I'm just about finished posting pictures from the first part of our trip, each year we begin in Southern Italy and then move to central Italy with Anthony's part of the family. But the last days in Mesagne are always bittersweet, sad to be leaving but happy at another year full of amazing memories made. Whether it was just hanging out around the house, with neighbors and family, at the beach, traveling or out on the town, each moment is so special and the pictures bring back so many happy memories.

Blessed that Mario was such a great traveler last year on his first trip over and spent time with some very special people. Good friends and family are the biggest reasons to be traveling back to Italy each year and spending time with the people we love.

Annual picture with Nonna Lisa and Nonno Nicky outside our home...can't wait to take another one this year!!!

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