Friday, September 4, 2015

mercato, market day in mesagne

Wednesdays are very happy days for me in Mesagne because it's market day! Each Wednesday from about 7am to whenever it gets too hot during the summer months, mostly noon, area vendors set up their "shops" on the outskirts of town. Anything and everything. You name it, the market most likely has it and rather than go to the nice air-conditioned mall on the other side of town, for the most part you're supporting the people that are doing the actual selling to you. No middle man at the market! 

My favorite places to visit at the market are the food stands. Naturally. Fruits, vegetables, fish and candy too. Most times at the fruit and vegetable stands, you're dealing right with the farmer themselves or other times their spouse or child. It's the best!

A Wednesday does not pass during our summer time in Mesagne that I'm not up and ready to go. Aside from the very hot days, the girls are usually anxious to get there too. We know the cheese guy and we always get some freebies! Good reason for me to go too! 

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