Tuesday, September 8, 2015

La Madonna del Carmine

So thankful to have celebrated another festa in Mesagne this past summer with the family. It is something we ALL look forward to. Three days of fun, fun, fun! The festival begins and ends with a procession and everything in between is eating, drinking, rides, music and shopping.

With our Zia Netta, my Nonna Vincenza's only surviving sister

Zia Netta, mom and dad

Taking it ALL in and loving it!

Festa Family! At it again celebrating one of my favorite holidays in Mesagne!!! So blessed to be able to share this with my husband and kids

Nonno Nicky is silly

These girls LOVE the procession...the lights, the music and seeing La Madonna del Carmine

Madonna del Carmine

At the edge of the villa, where the Madonna has been placed momentarily while several speak of the festival. Short prayers, more words and then music, music, music!

After dinner at a favorite pizzeria in centro storico, it's time to head out to the vendors and of course, the rides! One last family shot:

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