Monday, October 26, 2015

Last night in Mesagne

Our last evening in Mesagne is always bittersweet for me. The end of an amazing time in my home away from home, but leaving with great memories and another year for my kids to have spent time in the town where I grew up. Family night out to dinner and a walk through centro storico is my perfect way to end an amazing vacation in my favorite town.

My girlfriend's boyfriend owns an amazing restaurant right in the heart of centro storico in Mesagne and it's delicious. Here's Giovanni on a separate night when the kids and I took a walk through town...

Amazing chef, business minded and kind individual. I'm going to stress the amazing chef part because dinner was out of this world incredible.

We basically didn't order and he just kept having food brought out to the table. One delicious thing after another. Not a bad way to spend my last dinner in Mesagne.

Girls love the traditional orecchiette he served up too!

This little man is hysterical. Just had to throw that out there.

My brother Antonio joined us for dinner and maybe a glass of prosecco too. Shh!

Family pictures in centro storico following our meal. We had to do some walking after sitting and eating for hours.

I love Olivia's shy little smile in this picture so much.

Funny face pictures with Zio!

We could not get a picture of the three of them side by side. Something about a little man not wanting to stand still.

Oh look, he does stand still.

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