Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mario turns 1!

It's no shock that I take a lot of pictures. There will be a day or two that goes by that I haven't taken any but that doesn't happen very often. It's just what I do. And I love it.

Starting with Sofia, I took a picture every month on (or around) the day of her birth with a stuffed animal dog that Anthony bought for the baby before she was even born. We did the same for Olivia and now Mario too. Here's a look back on the year:

He had a nice, quiet little first birthday today. A couple good naps, some playing and a whole lot of his new favorite thing - walking!

Hanging with big sister Olivia when she got home from school...

and big-big sister Sofia right before bed

Oh! And the walking. SO proud of himself too. 

Happy 1st Birthday to one amazing little baby boy!

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