Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Here comes the sun

The morning my mom left to return to Maryland, her and I woke at 4am to drive to the airport. I pre-planned and brought my camera with me knowing that once I dropped her off, I was headed to the beach for the sunrise. Even after all these years of both living in Italy and visiting each summer, I had never seen the sunrise on my own as I did this summer.

And there we were, my camera and I. I woke up for the second time that morning.

I took pictures, spoke with my brothers via messaging (it was only 11pm for them - early by their standards) and did what I do best, reflected. I thought about this natural beauty that I was now a part of that morning and that my family and friends in Puglia are able to be a part of whenever they wanted. I thought about how my summer in Italy was nearing an end and all that I would leave, all that I would bring back with me and all that was waiting for me upon returning to the US.  

Each new day brings it's own agenda, to-do list, itinerary, things you must do. There's no avoiding the complications of life. But with each new day, wouldn't it be wonderful to set aside a moment or ten to really contemplate all we have done, what we do and what is meant for us to be? To sit with our thoughts, reflect upon our life and in that moment be grateful, carry that gratitude with us through the tough times, the times that are difficult. To meditate, pray, think...however you need to describe it. To be with yourself, cherish yourself and this one life we have.

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