Saturday, October 8, 2016

A little bit of Amish Country

With the girls off from school yesterday, the 4 of us and a surprise visit from Nonna Lisa, set out for Amish Country in Lancaster, PA. Gorgeous fall weather with a hint of the changing colors of the leaves and the great outdoors, a perfect escape from suburbia.

We arrived at The Amish House, a new to us experience a perfect spot for walking the grounds and taking it all in. You have the option to tour the house, but I declined seeing how the weather was too nice to be indoors AND taking a guided tour with a rambunctious almost-three-year-old was not my idea of a good time. Instead we let them roam around outside and see what they could see.

Animals, farm equipment, the school house, the barns, a covered bridge with working watermill and even a little playground...what more could 3 little kids want?

This guy. I felt kind of bad for him, he looked so sad. He kept ducking his head in and out of the stall like he knew he was there for a photo op and that's it. I miss horseback riding and would have loved very much to take a ride on him instead of take his picture. But alas, not an option, so I took a picture of his sweet, sad face.

The kids enjoyed having Nonna around for the day and Nonna enjoyed seeing something new to her too.

Life is about both the big and small adventures we are able to enjoy. Take in all we can in the time we are given. A short 1 hour car ride to tour a small Amish farm doesn't seem like much but exposing my children to another little adventure, another type of lifestyle means much to me. I feel as if I'm teaching them something about history, about a different way of life all the while enjoying the beautiful weather. They might not retain much of the things we spoke of about the farm and the Amish lifestyle, but they make take away something whether it's just how the light bounced off the windmill, how fast chickens can run or what it felt like to sit in a horse and buggy cart. Or even that on their day off from school we spent the day together, doing something new and fun.

I was entranced by this Amish couple as we pulled into a produce and flower stand on the side of the road. My mom went off to buy with the girls while I remained near the car with Mario but I couldn't stop staring at them. Wondering about their discussion, their likes and dislikes or if they even cared that I was discreetly (not successful) trying to take their picture.

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