Sunday, October 2, 2016

And that's a wrap!

Well, September certainly flew by quickly. There was a lot going on, but I blinked and it's now October. The start of the school year, getting back into the routine of activities, the change of season, all encourages the day along. This time of year also brings two very important people's birthdays, my baby brother and mom which we celebrated this past weekend in Maryland. Antonio turned 21, a very big deal in the good ol' US of A and my mom was just happy to be surrounded by her family on her birthday. Notice I didn't disclose her age, not that she would mind anyway.

Scott and I did what any good big sister and big brother would do to their baby brother as they turn 21, got a couple people together to celebrate in downtown Annapolis at a great locale. A milestone birthday for anyone but especially for Americans as they are now legal to drink alcohol. Shots were sent to the table for Antonio, we ate, had some drinks but most of all...were together.

I like celebrating birthdays.  A lot of people say that it's just another day, nothing special. I disagree. It's incredibly special and not just your typical, average day. It's your day, the day you came into this world, into your life, into the lives of others. It's a time, a date and a place mapped out just for you especially. It's a reminder that you exist, you live and breathe, you create a space for yourself in this world. And you choose to do so however you please.

However you choose to celebrate your day is your prerogative. Choose to be alone with your thoughts, surrounded by a few friends and family or a massive party. You do what you want since it's your day, that's what will make it special.You choosing you.

Because at the end of the day, be it your birthday along with any other day, that's what you have to do. You have to choose you. Choose your well-being, your happiness, your contentment, your thoughts, your fears, your passions, your loves. The things that keep you going, that motivate you, that challenge you. It's your choice what frightens you, what gives you anxiety, what makes you sad. You choose all those good, those not so good and those bad pieces to be a part of your life.

And however you choose to fill your time know that it's special because it's all about you. The things, the people, the places that make you tick, make your heart beat, your pulse quicken, those make up your life. Your life that began on that one special day that you came into this world.

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